Like all comic book shows, Arrow has a huge fan base and very stubborn. For example, people either love or hate Oliver and Felicity as a couple. Additionally, fans continue to fight over who is the best villain in the series to this day. Overall, the show is fraught with controversy due to the morally gray nature of the series and its characters.

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Arrow is a hot topic for Reddit users to discuss. Some posts about Arrow Characters and plot lines get approval, but other Redditors have less popular views on the show.

10 Oliver is better on the show than he is in the comics

Arrow Season 6 Finale Life Judgment Stephen Amell as Green Arrow Oliver Queen

Comic book fans are generally quick to criticize television adaptations of their favorite superheroes. For example, many viewers think that Stephen Amell’s version of Green Arrow is a significant departure from the comics. However, this Reddit fan praises Oliver’s character growth in Arrow.

At first, Oliver doesn’t mind killing after returning from the island. However, after Tommy dies, the Redditor says that he “changes and starts trying not to kill anyone else”. So Oliver’s struggle to follow his conscience while being a vigilante adds an interesting element to the show.

9 Crossover episodes are annoying

Arrowverse crossover Legends of Tomorrow Arrow The Flash

Almost once every season Arrow has a crossover episode with another CW show. These episodes involve The flash, Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Y Batwoman. While many viewers love to see all the superheroes interact, this Reddit user hates it.

The Reddit user comments, “Do I just have to watch every episode of that particular other show to get to that point where I understand the characters and all of that on Arrow? It’s not great.” Crossovers are confusing, especially when more and more shows are added to the mix.

8 “New Team Arrow” are not nice

After learning that one of the team members will testify against Oliver, Felicity and Diggle help Oliver spy on the others. Dinah, Rene, and Curtis are outraged by this betrayal. So, they decide to leave and form the group “New Team Arrow”.

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This Reddit user believes that New Team Arrow “acts like spoiled brats, who only see the black and white of everything.” Furthermore, they are hypocritical and engage in immoral behavior for which they criticize Oliver, such as trying to kill Laurel and harm Diggle.

7 Laurel shouldn’t have died

Laurel Lance's death on Arrow

Various characters die throughout the series. One of the most heartbreaking deaths was that of Laurel Lance. She is mortally wounded by HIVE leader Damien Darhk while fighting as the Black Canary.

Laurel’s role in Arrow was unfairly downplayed by the writers, according to this Reddit user. They argue that the show’s writer’s reasoning for keeping other characters but killing the Black Canary “highlights how little they value Laurel.” This Redditor and other fans find Laurel’s treatment on the show unfair.

6 William should have stayed with his grandparents

Samantha, the mother of Oliver’s first child, was killed in the Lian Yu explosion. After his death, Oliver becomes Williams’ primary caretaker. But, this Redditor believes that “Oliver should never have taken custody of William”.

They share many healthy family moments on the series, but William is repeatedly kidnapped and attacked by Oliver’s enemies. Arguably Oliver should have left William in the care of his grandparents. Perhaps Samantha was right when she hid William from Oliver, as his presence puts him in constant danger.

5 Malcolm Merlyn is not treated like a villain

Malcolm Merlyn is one of the first antagonists featured in Arrow. Although he commits many crimes, such as killing Oliver’s father and destroying the Glades, a Reddit user thinks Team Arrow is too easy on him.

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Because Merlyn is Thea’s biological father, Oliver frequently lets his actions slide. The Redditor says, “Merlyn should be less of a friend and the team should treat him like the villain that he is.” He is one of the main comic villains on Green Arrow, but the show treats him as a minor threat.

4 The Flash-Forwards felt depressing

Arrow Forward in Season 7 with William, Roy, and Dinah.

On Arrow In the seventh season, the audience sees flash-forwards, which reveal that Oliver is separated from his family and does not save the city. A Reddit user thinks these flash-forwards ruin the show. “It just makes the show feel useless,” states the Redditor. “Why watch Oliver fight to save the city when we know he’s going to fail?”

The flashforwards were fun for some fans as they got to see Mia (Oliver and Felicity’s daughter), William, and Diggle’s son as adults. But, all of the character’s lives going forward are pretty depressing to watch.

3 Season four was good

It is a popular opinion on Reddit that the fourth season of Arrow it was the worst. Oliver isn’t a vigilante at the start of the season and he’s with Felicity, which disappointed some fans. But, this Reddit user defends the fourth season.

In her opinion, Oliver and Felicity’s relationship was pleasant. Plus, they like how the season explores Thea, Laurel, and Diggle working as a team, making the show feel like “a real-life comic.” Additionally, it features Damien Darhk, who brings a magical element to the series.

two Prometheus should have joined the Arrow team

Adrian Chase Vigilante on Arrow

The fifth season focuses on Prometheus, one of the most powerful villains. Turns out it’s actually Adrian Chase, a friend of Oliver’s. Chase is obsessed with seeking revenge against Oliver, but what if he had become an ally?

this Redditor believes that Chase would have been an excellent addition to Team Arrow. “He helped Dig out of jail and helped Oliver out of impeachment,” the Redditor reasons. Perhaps, if Chase had gone through a character arc similar to Oliver’s, he could have become a hero.

1 Oliver shouldn’t wear a mask

Oliver Queen wears eye makeup instead of a mask.

In the second season episode “Three Ghosts”, Oliver’s costume is updated. Forgo eye makeup and instead wear a mask made by Barry Allen. The public was excited to see this development. However, a Reddit user misses her green makeup.

Oliver previously claims that a mask would block his field of vision. But, you end up wearing one despite your aforementioned beliefs. Lastly, the Reddit post contends that Oliver’s eye makeup is “much more intimidating” to criminals than his mask.

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