Atari is changing once again, moving away from free and mobile games and focusing on creating “premium” games for PC and consoles.

Moving away from your original address Atari it is moving away from free games in favor of “premium” games for PC and consoles. Atari most recently unveiled its first console in nearly 30 years with the Atari VCS. Although the game system was released to moderate reviews, the company appears to be making an effort to return to what made it popular in the first place: console games. Atari also unveiled its plans for an Atari Casino in 2020 and luxury hotels around the world. The casino would be online only, and real-world and cryptocurrencies would be accepted to play on the Ethereum blockchain.

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With the casino, Atari was also looking to invest more in the crypto market. Using “Atari Tokens”, the company’s cryptocurrency, players could play lottery games inspired by classic 80s games. Atari Token is also part of its plan to develop its cryptocurrency services, mirroring other companies that use cryptocurrencies and blockchain to monetize games more than ever. NFTs are part of their plan too, selling nostalgia at a high price, just as Sega and other media companies have done over the past year. However, as of this writing, none of the plans for the hotels have advanced and there is no new information available on the Atari Token.

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As reported by game industry, Atari is now moving away from mobile and free games and is focusing on offering “premium” games for PC and consoles. Although the company will not cancel all of its current mobile or free titles, those that underperform will be removed. Games with high enough player bases will have continued support. The Atari Casino will also be removed as a result of this change not to mention the hotel’s plans. Atari CEO Wade J. Rosen plans to have his new line of games begin launching within the fiscal year, which ends in March 2022. Rosen, who was recently appointed CEO, had the following to say:

Our intention with any gaming experience is to provide accessible and joyful moments of meaningful gaming. That’s the core of Atari and what ties our history to our future together. To that end, we believe that premium games best represent this type of gaming experience and Atari’s DNA.

Atari shifts focus again to making premium games for PC and console 2

The new games will be available on the Atari VCS. Atari also plans to dive into television production, but what those plans entail is unknown. Hopefully this new company direction will revive the once prominent force in the gaming industry. Nostalgia alone won’t keep the corporate giant afloat, but new titles from its multitude of game franchises can. Atari has released a number of memorable games over the years, including Roller coaster tycoon and the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series in the early 2000s. Now, with a new approach, Atari could regain its status in the gaming world.

However, AtariSurvival to this point is impressive. The company may not be what it was, but its new focus on what can be assumed is AA to AAA game development is a step in the right direction. That is, as long as your new games don’t rely too heavily on the implementation of cryptocurrencies or NFT.

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