The Dark Knight has had a film presence in Hollywood since the first Batman series in the 1940s, however fans have yet to see a fully realized live action adaptation of the character in theaters despite the numerous film franchises. and the rebooted versions of the character. .

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Of course, the character of Batman himself has changed quite a bit over the years, so it’s not always easy to pin down every aspect of the Dark Knight. To further highlight this, today we’re going to take a look at each live-action Batman movie to see where they went wrong with the caped crusader.

10 Batman: The Movie (1966) – Batman was a carefree benefactor with a heart of gold

Adam West and Burt Ward as the dynamic duo in Batman The Movie

Adam West and Burt Ward played the dynamic duo in 1966. Batman: The Movie, which brought the characters from the hit television adaptation to the big screen as they faced off against the combined forces of The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman.

Weather bat Man 66 was fairly true to the cheesy depictions of the Dark Knight from the 1950s and early 1960s, the film eliminated any trauma associated with the character due to the death of his parents rather than a wealthy benefactor with a passion for justice. . , losing essential aspects of the character.

9 Batman (1989) – Bruce Wayne was a mysterious figure rather than a well-known billionaire Playboy

Tim Burton directed a modern version of the Dark Knight that focused on “darkness” in 1989. bat Man starring Michael Keaton, which followed a change of tone in the comics that returned the character to its roots.

However, while Bruce Wayne from the comics has always been a well-known billionaire playboy whose face is instantly recognizable by the paparazzi, bat ManThe version of the character was a mysterious public figure whose party guests didn’t even know his identity. It’s a slight difference, but it talks about Batman’s attempts to hide his secret identity under the cover of Wayne’s public activity.

8 Batman Returns (1992) – Batman further abandoned his no-kill rule in Burton’s films

Michael keaton smiling like Batman

Michael Keaton returned as the titular hero with director Tim Burton for 1992. Batman Returns, which also featured Catwoman and Penguin along with the latter’s circus-themed criminals known as the Red Triangle Gang.

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The first film in the franchise already showed that this version of Batman was a bit more arrogant with his generally strict no-kill rule, but Batman Returns He reinforced this when he planted a bomb on a gang member and threw him into the subway to explode safely. Batman has killed in the comics before, but usually only when it’s the last resort and not with a smile on his face.

7 Batman Forever (1995) – The bat costume was redesigned with anatomically correct nipples

Joel Schumacher took over as director from 1995 Batman forever, which saw Val Kilmer take on the role while taking on Two-Face and Riddler while also welcoming a new hero to the Batcave, when Chris O’Donnell joined as Dick Grayson / Robin.

Gotham City received a striking neon overhaul while the Batsuit was also adjusted to better reflect Schumacher’s vision who mixed the Batsuit with ancient Greek statues. This led to anatomically correct nipples being added to both the bat suit and Robin’s suit, which definitely detracted from Batman’s usual level of intimidation.

6 Batman and Robin (1997) – Virtually everything failed and ended the Batman movie for years

george clooney batman

George Clooney entered the mantle of the bat in 1997 Batman and robin From returning director Joel Schumacher, who doubled down in the modernized field that apparently tried to mix Burton’s world with the 1960s TV series.

Unfortunately, Clooney was better Bruce Wayne than Batman and this version of the character lacked real physical or crime-fighting abilities and focused more on witty lines that would have flopped in the 60s. Batman and robin it nearly ended the Dark Knight’s film career and kept him off the big screen for nearly a decade.

5 Batman Begins (2005) – Bruce Wayne’s training failed to incorporate his detective skills

Batman Begins does Batarangs

Director Christopher Nolan brought this cinematic vision to Gotham City in 2005 with The beginning of batman, a dark and grounded reinvention of Batman’s origins that followed Bruce Wayne from his traumatic childhood to his journey around the world to learn the skills he needed to become a crime-fighting vigilante.

Weather The beginning of batman explored the development of most of the skills, equipment and technology that he used to become Batman, suffered the same absence as most modern versions of the character, and failed to incorporate the years of training required to become the best detective in the world. .

4 The Dark Knight (2008) – Batman’s fighting skills are not at master’s level

While the follow-up to Christopher Nolan in 2008 The dark knight It took some time to develop Batman’s detective skills that the character lacked The beginning of batman, seemed to take a step back when it came to the fight scenes.

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Batman’s fighting style wasn’t exactly representative of someone who is considered one of the greatest martial artists in comics. The beginning of batman ingeniously avoided this with quick camera cuts during the fight to simulate Batman’s speed, but The dark knight It laid bare the character’s fighting style and left some fans wanting a bit more.

3 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – Batman would never leave Gotham City unprotected for 8 years

From 2012 The dark knight rises ended the Christopher Nolan trilogy and took place eight years after the events of The dark knight, which revealed that Batman had disappeared and Bruce Wayne had become a recluse.

While it made sense for the film trilogy’s story, comic book fans found it difficult to accept that Bruce Wayne would ever retire from his lifelong mission as Batman, especially when he had yet to find a replacement to support him. Gotham City safe in your absence. .

two Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Batman viciously brands and kills criminals

Batman v Superman Ben Affleck

Zack Snyder introduced a new connected universe of movies called the DC Extended Universe that aimed to bring in the heroes of the Justice League, starting with World’s Finest in 2016. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which matched Iron ManHenry Cavill with another new face under the hood, Ben Affleck.

This remake of Batman was a beaten and cruel version that branded criminals with a bat logo that ultimately led to their death in prison. He also killed several criminals himself using the weapons in his vehicles, which was once again against Batman’s comic no-kill rule.

1 Justice League (2017) – Batman’s hopeful new sense of humor seemed out of place

ben affleck as batman in justice league

Ben Affleck returned as Batman to form DC’s mighty team of heroes in 2017 League of Justice by Joss Whedon, although the original vision for the film was re-released in 2020 as Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

A hopeful and sometimes funny version of the character appeared in League of Justice which was attributed to Superman’s impact on his life. While that fits somewhat with the comics version, it didn’t fit with the version previously established in the DCEU, and the character’s new tactical suit looked more like Snyder’s Nite Owl than Batman.

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