Actor and rapper Jaden Smith is well known for being a bit unconventional, but why is he sporting a Caped Crusader costume in his “Batman” music video?

By Jaden Smith The music video for “Batman” shows the actor and rapper walking the streets of Los Angeles while donning a Batman costume, but what is the meaning behind the video? Jaden Smith is no stranger to the superhero genre; Not only did his father Will play a pair of anti-superheroes in Hancock Y Suicide squad, but his mother Jada Pinkett-Smith also played the villain Fish Mooney on the TV series. Gotham. Jaden also has a more direct link to the genre, given that his song “Way Up” appeared on the soundtrack of Sony’s 2018 animated superhero film. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Jaden Smith’s favorite superhero, however, is Batman and his love for the Caped Crusader is well documented. Bruce Wayne’s fanboy was reportedly inspired by the dark, gothic tone of bat Man comics, movies and TV shows in regards to clothing design for MSFTSrep, the lifestyle brand and art collective that he co-founded with his younger sister Willow Smith. He also cited Batman as one of his style icons during an interview with GQ in which he got lyrical about why he admires the superhero and his iconic costume, stating:

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“He’s just shit. All about it. He’s a cape, he’s got utilities, he’s got tactical gear. He’s bulletproof. He’s everything you’ve ever wanted. You can hide in the shadows, jump off buildings.”

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It makes perfect sense that Jaden Smith would eventually pay tribute to Batman in some way, which he did with his 2017 song “Batman” and the accompanying music video. Directed by former child star and Hannah Montana actor Moises Arias, the “Batman” video follows Smith as he wanders the streets of Los Angeles in a white Batman costume and doing typical Bruce Wayne things like driving an expensive car or responding to a Bat-Signal, which he slyly carries. the MSFTSrep logo. than the Batman logo. The video also sees Smith getting into trouble with other people dressed as superheroes, including Superman, Spider-Man, and a fellow Batman wearing the character’s usual black suit. Check out the video for Jaden Smith’s “Batman” below.

The “Batman” music video is also not the first time Jaden Smith has worn his white Batman suit in public. Smith debuted the custom-made costume in 2014 at the nuptials of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, committing the cardinal sin of wearing white to a wedding. That same year, Smith showed up to Comic-Con in San Diego sporting the costume and wore it again in 2015 when he attended his friend and musician Mecca Kalani’s high school prom.

Like many Caped Crusader fans, Jaden Smith is excited to see Robert Pattinson take on the role of superhero in The batman when published in 2022, stating in an interview with Rolling Stone what “He will be the best Batman.“It’s been a while since Smith publicly donned his Batman costume, but The batman The premiere seems like the perfect place to get him out of retirement.

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