Godzilla Singular Point season 1 makes a fatal mistake by killing a key character in disappointing fashion, ruining his potential with Mei.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Godzilla Singular Point season 1, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Godzilla singular point‘s Mei takes the form of a scientific prodigy by the Misakioku Corporation who brought her in to dissect mysterious radio waves. Finally, he finds a way to partner with Professor Li after his work on extradimensional life forms is published, and the teacher realizes that Mei’s genius could help save the world.

Sadly, Season 1 makes a fatal mistake by killing Li when it is clear that his relationship with Mei held so much potential that it will now go unexplored. Here’s why the brilliant mentor should have been alive.

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Mei is shiny, but rough around the edges. Li knows this, but gives Mei enough time to come up with her own plans and come up with her own theories. That is why she is so impressed to see Mei discovering the secrets of the Archetype cube and other dimensions that Li was unable to unlock, creating practical and effective solutions. This type of work takes Li years, but Mei is ready in days.

That is why Li considers Mei to be the key to deciphering the work left behind by Ashihara, one of the most brilliant minds in history. She knows that Mei can help them discover what he wanted to do in terms of creating a better future, advancing technology, and evolving humanity beyond their wildest dreams. However, that is destroyed when they get caught in the middle of a Rodan attack.

As they advance, Li is apparently hit by a Rodan and killed while rescuing a cat. The fact that we see a funeral and so many tributes confirms this, providing a rare moment of horror for Mei. Li is kind, gentle, and since we don’t have much of Mei’s family, a mother-like figure. She has been challenging, educating, and inspiring Mei, so this seems like a death of shocked courage that Godzilla singular point Has forced.

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Even Mei’s duel doesn’t feel genuine and is quickly overlooked to advance the plot. He really should have felt the loss of that emotional connection. Li doesn’t return later, so it’s clear she’s gone, but the thing is, she was perfectly positioned to help Mei in Season 2. With Ashihara’s return, Li could have helped Mei uncover the secrets of the other singular points, why the kaiju are rushing to Earth and how they could build new superdimensional computers.

Since Ashihara and Shiva Consortium are up to no good now, Li would have been the antithesis of them. It is clear that corporate espionage is occurring in Godzilla singular point, so Li could have taken the reins on that end as well. She wouldn’t allow Mei to be exploited when it comes to weapons, wormholes and such, and watching them form their own unit, realizing that so many organizations have sinister agendas, would have been powerful.

Li could also have collaborated with other scientific experts like Goro and Yun from Otaki, working on the code sent from the singular point to update Jet Jaguar. His tactless death ultimately feels like a frustration when Mei, as well as allies like BB, really could have made it with a strong woman like Li rejecting. She would have been the ideal tour de force against large companies that have no problem risking the security of the Earth in the name of development and defense.

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