The latest trailer for Halloween deaths promises to honor the legacy of the past Hallowe’en aftermath. When Hallowe’en (2018), effectively rebooted the entire franchise, erasing all previous sequels and the Rob Zombie reboot. Laurie Strode’s nightmare never continued beyond that fateful night of October 31, 1978. There was no massacre at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, no children born to be hunted and slaughtered, no mysterious Man in Black or a Satanic cult that explain Michael’s supernatural desire to eliminate. his bloodline.

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However, as seen in the most recent trailer for Halloween deaths, there are callbacks to some of the earlier sequels which, while no longer canon, seem to have influenced the visual style and narrative of the film. Some of these references to past films in the franchise are subtle, while others are more overt.

10 Welcome to Haddonfield Memorial

Halloween Kills Haddonfield Memorial

Halloween 2 (1981) fans know the importance of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, as it served as the main setting for the first sequel to the franchise. After Laurie survives her first encounter with Michael in Hallowe’en (1978), take her to the apparently safe confines of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Michael eventually tracks her down, decimating the entire staff of doctors, nurses, and security guards before meeting a seemingly fiery death at the film’s climax.

On Halloween deaths, there are several scenes with Laurie and her family recovering at Haddonfield Memorial after her own fierce battle with Michael. While the film doesn’t appear to be entirely set in Haddonfield Memorial, it does use the location as a key starting point to reset the characters and push the narrative forward.

9 The Return of Nurse Marion Chambers (Again)

Halloween Kills Marion Chambers Trailer

At the beginning of the original Hallowe’enDr. Loomis is escorted to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium by a young nurse, Marion Chambers. The two are subsequently overwhelmed by stray patients released by Michael during a thunderstorm. He eventually catches Marion in his car before forcing her out and stealing the vehicle to head to Haddonfield.

On Halloween deaths, that scene is recreated almost shot by shot, with Michael even smashing the passenger-side window to grab Nurse Chambers just like he did in the original film. This isn’t Marion’s first return to the franchise; on Halloween H20: 20 years later, she first reappeared in the film’s prologue as Joseph Gordon Levitt’s doomed neighbor.

8 Tommy Doyle is back

Halloween Kills trailer reveals and secrets

In the original Hallowe’en, Laurie spends the last half of the film caring for two children, Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace. Tommy gets special attention when he inadvertently runs into Michael earlier in the day and is the first to notice that the “bogeyman” stalks the streets and houses of Haddonfield. His fears come true when Michael invades his home and tries to kill him and Lindsey to get to Laurie.

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Both characters return for Halloween deaths with Tommy Doyle played by a new actor, Anthony Michael Hall. Away from his scared teenager days, Tommy in Halloween deaths He seems ready to defend Haddonfield and take down Michael Myers. Like Marion, this isn’t the first time the character has returned to the franchise. On Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, a young Paul Rudd played Tommy as a melancholic loner obsessed with Michael Myers.

7 The return of Lindsey Wallace

Halloween Kills trailer reveals and secrets

Along with Tommy, Lindsey Wallace returns in Halloween deaths. This is the first time Lindsay has reappeared in the franchise, and she is once again played by Kyle Richards, who is now better known as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In the trailer, Lindsay tells a couple of children to run away while she confronts Michael. This scene bears a striking resemblance to the last act of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, where Tina begs Jamie and Billy to run away from Michael so she can face him alone. Tina ends up with a knife to her heart, so let’s hope Lindsey has better luck with Michael.

6 It’s not easy getting old

Halloween Kills trailer trailer revealed

Michael spares no one in his fuss, not even the elderly. On Halloween deaths, Michael brutally dispatches an old man by smashing his head against a window frame. He then kills the man’s wife with a light bulb before returning to her husband to stab his corpse once more.

Michael’s encounter with the elderly couple is a callback to a similar scene in Halloween 2 (1981). In that movie, Michael stalks the alleys of Haddonfield in search of a new weapon to massacre his victims. Find one in the home of an elderly couple, silently pick up a knife, and leave only a few drops of their blood behind. That version of Michael is more benevolent than Halloween deaths; spares their lives, destroying only the ham sandwich the wife was making for her sleeping husband.

5 Silver clover surprise

Halloween kills children in masks

Halloween deaths features another unexpected callback from the most maligned sequel to the Halloween franchise: Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982). In that movie, Michael Myers is largely absent, except for the archival footage of the previous one. Hallowe’en aftermath. Instead, the main villain is a toy-maker maniac, Silver Shamrock Novelties, who seeks to spark a new era of witchcraft by killing children in microchip-activated Halloween masks.

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Weather Halloween deaths You’ll certainly avoid such plot devices, the movie pays homage to that sequel by showing various traffickers (and some unfortunate victims) wearing the Jack-o-lantern, witch, and skeleton Silver Shamrock masks.

4 Haddonfield mob strikes again

On Halloween deaths, the effects of Michael’s massacre are felt not only by Laurie and her family, but by all of Haddonfield. In response to the death and destruction Michael has caused, several Haddonfield citizens (including Tommy) take the law into their own hands, brandishing bats, guns, and other weapons in an attempt to bring Michael down once and for all.

The Haddonfield mob was also seen in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. With the Haddonfield Police Department wiped out, the citizens of Haddonfield decide to become the law of their city and protect Jamie Strode at all costs. Your efforts are useless; Michael deletes them one by one, leaving young Jamie to fight back.

3 Haddonfield Riots

Revelations and secrets of the Halloween Kills trailer

In addition to the Haddonfield mob, the citizens of the city also organize riots throughout the city, protesting Michael’s return and seeking revenge for his crimes. Halloween 2 (1981) first featured the city riots with the majority of Haddonfield throwing stones and destroying Michael Myers’ childhood home.

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Halloween deaths promises a rerun of that scene. It is discovered that Michael’s path of destruction leads him to his childhood home, providing the perfect callback.

two Allyson’s self-sacrifice

Allyson's Halloween deaths

At a seemingly crucial moment of Halloween deathsLaurie’s granddaughter, Allyson Nelson, implores him to kill her, daring him to stab her with his knife. Allyson’s act of self-sacrifice has a precedent in the Hallowe’en franchise, specifically at the climax of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

After a long night of endless carnage, Jamie Strode, wounded and tired, decides enough is enough and gives in to Michael. He crawls into a coffin Michael has designed for him and closes his eyes, waiting to die for Michael’s never-ending thirst for blood to stop. Things don’t go according to plan, and both Jamie and Michael live to kill another day.

1 Michael Unmasked

On Halloween deaths, Karen, Laurie’s daughter, shamelessly holds Michael’s mask in front of him and orders “come and get it. “There is a long tradition of unmasking Michael that began with the first movie. At the end of Hallowe’en (1978), Michael unmasks himself while fighting Laurie. Michael’s deformed face is briefly seen before he quickly puts the mask back on.

On Halloween 2 (1981), this struggle is shown again except that the revelation of the face is edited, preserving the mystique. On Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Jamie silently asks to see Michael’s face, which he shows him (but is mostly obscured by shadow from the viewer). At Zombie’s Halloween 2 (2009), Michael voluntarily unmasks himself in his fight with Dr. Loomis.

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