The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator is a fascinating tool. For anyone who likes to people watch, analyze others, and observe characters on TV shows, you can spend hours and hours classifying people on their specific MBTI.®s.

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The essence of the theory is to make Jung’s idea of ​​personality types more digestible, easier to apply and understand. To determine someone’s MBTI®, bite-sized bits of your personality (be they introverts or extroverts, ‘thinkers’ or ‘sensitive’) are considered in a simple way of one or the other, each corresponding to a different code (E for extroversion, I for introversion). There is no strict category that each individual falls into, and there will always be some debate about the location of a specific person. That being the case, fans can find their favorite Big Bang Theory MBTI of the characters® categories as easily as your own.

Updated July 6, 2021 by Lynn Gibbs: With the rise in popularity of The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator, those who have come to appreciate it are applying it to their favorite television characters, including The Big Bang Theory. The TBBT characters are all incredibly different yet similar at the same time. Between Raj’s comfort with being an introvert and Penny’s outgoing nature, it’s easy to assume what her MBTI® are. But for those of you unfamiliar with the personality test, you can discover your own MBTI® by comparing yourself to your favorite The Big Bang Theory character and their personality types.

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10 Barry Kripke: ENTP (The Debater)

John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke in The Big Bang Theory

When it comes to Caltech scientists, Barry Kripke is a bit wild. The show is sometimes criticized for its stereotypical and clichéd portrayal of scientists, and it is true that many of them don’t have two social skills to rub shoulders. There are a lot of introverts here, but Kripke can be said to be an extrovert. Barry didn’t always make sense as a character, but he was always comical.

One possible outcome for him is ENTP, or Extraversion + Intuition + Thinking + Perception. Rather than go his own way and follow strictly logical causes of action, Barry is quite unpredictable and has been seen completely teasing Sheldon with an unexpected prank. Or don’t go to the karaoke duet “Breaking My Heart” with Zack.

9 Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz: ENTJ (The Commander)

Bernadette smiling

ENTJs should not be played with. They are called Commanders for a reason: they are natural leaders. Charismatic and confident, with an incredible drive to achieve his goals.

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Lifelong fans of Big Bang Theory You probably see Bernadette a lot in this. She is quite a petite lady, but inside that little package there is a real ball of fire. He even had the authority to send a tired Sheldon Cooper to bed, and that’s no easy task.

8 Stuart Bloom: INFP (The Mediator)

Penny and Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory

There was no doubt that Stuart Bloom was going to be an introvert. A quiet and humble comic book owner is often beset by bad luck and hard times. Stuart made a few mistakes throughout Big Bang Theory but he always learned from them. He’s the Hans Moleman of the show in that sense. However, as a true Mediator, you are determined to go ahead and strive to make an impression and connection with the people in your social circle.

That positive outlook may not always shine through, but in the end, all Stuart really wants is to be appreciated and accepted.

7 Amy Farrah Fowler: INTP (The Logician)

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory

Amy Farrah Fowler has been through a whirlwind of character development. When viewers first meet her in the season three finale, she’s a female version of Sheldon: stiff, distant, inscrutable. However, her friendship with Penny and Bernadette changes her quite a bit, which is why her result is similar but fundamentally different from Sheldon’s.

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Logic is a combination of introversion + intuition + thinking + perception, and that essentially defines Amy’s character. The important difference with Perceive (P), as opposed to Judge (J), is that it indicates that a person is more open to outside influences and opinions, a quality of Amy that Sheldon does not share.

6 Sheldon Cooper: ISTJ (The Logistics)

Sheldon Coopers’ personality type shows that he has a lot in common with his future wife Amy. The aggressive intellect, the cutting analytical mind … this is a brilliant couple. His brain is a big reason fans love Sheldon.

However, the logical and the logistical are not the same. The latter is marked by the desire to draw their own conclusions, rejecting external and critical influences along the way. That’s a perfect description of everyone’s favorite absolutely rigid and fussy theoretical physicist.

5 Penny Hofstadter: ESFP (The Animator)

Penny pretends to be talking on the phone while teaching Sheldon how to act, according to the Big Bang theory.

If Sheldon Cooper is a textbook ISTJ, then Penny has ESFP written all over it. The Entertainer is an obvious choice for the aspiring actress we met when the show begins, but as fans get to know her better, they see how well this analysis fits her. ESFPs are defined by their outgoing nature, but there is more to it than that. Penny is a very social person (and has certainly had many relationships during the run of the show), but The Entertainer is also marked by her desire to encourage and support others.

In her eventual marriage to the insecure Leonard, as well as her friendship with the group in general, fans see her a lot in this role.

4 Leonard Hofstadter: ISFJ (The Defender)

When it comes to this system, there is always some debate about where specific people fit in, but sometimes, it seems a little more natural. Leonard is an excellent example of a Defender.

While ISFJs can be just as talented and accomplished as everyone else, they can struggle with the self-confidence to express that. They are dedicated to their work, their relationships, and other aspects of their lives, but they often tend to downplay their successes and accomplishments. They are a humble bunch and need to defend themselves from those who would steal their credit and thunder. Leonard’s love of nerdy culture, Penny, and her work are reflected here.

3 Howard Wolowitz: ESTP (The Entrepreneur)

Howard Singing In The Cheesecake Factory - TBBT

There is no doubt that Howard Wolowitz is the most outgoing of the main male quartet. To hear him tell it, he has spent most of his life in bars, wowing and delighting women with all kinds of brilliant stories. Very little of this is probably true, but he has I’ve been around telling it, and that’s what matters here.

Although he is certainly happy to stay and play video games with others in aura Night ™ is also often the first to suggest more social activities (especially early in the program). Like Amy, she balances her academic interests with openness to new possibilities and opportunities. He’s the first in the group to become a father, he was an astronaut (no matter how much it cost him), and it’s his personality type that helped him achieve these things.

two Zack Johnson: ENFP (The Activist)

Zack Johnson is another character who didn’t have a lot of screen time and is a bit difficult to place. Because he makes comparatively few appearances on the show, it’s hard to get a deep understanding of him. It seems like he would fit quite well in the ESFP (Entertainer) category with former love interest Penny, but perhaps he is more suitable as ENFP.

The difference between the animator and the activist is their way of receiving information (S for detection and N for intuition). Zack Johnson’s main gimmick lies in his social leanings (in contrast to the group in general), backed up by his lovable naivety and good character. All this makes the Campaigner a good choice for him.

1 Rajesh Koothrappali: INFP (The Mediator)

Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh Raj Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory

Like his close friend (not as close as the rest of the gang, perhaps, but definitely on List B) Stuart Bloom, Rajesh could be considered an INFP.

There are many crucial similarities between the two characters. They have both been plagued by romantic mishaps and other disasters, but they find the positives where they can and move on. Both are also looking for harmony and a place to belong, which has led them to become totally dominant at times (just ask the Wolowitz family). However, their hearts are in the right place and their intentions are good, even if they don’t always have the confidence to act on it.

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