An image circulating online suggests that an AiAi amiibo could appear alongside Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, but this rumor is hard to believe.

A leaker has posted an image of a Super monkey ballthemed amiibo for possible release alongside the next Banana mania, but it’s very likely just a well-crafted fake. Nintendo’s amiibo production has slowed since the brand’s heyday, but there is still a constant clip of figures being released alongside new releases. Amiibo characters are generally from Nintendo’s roster, but they have opened up the process to a few third parties who want to go the extra mile for their Switch releases. With the wonder of the multigame Shovel knight, Dark souls, Y Monster hunter Coming to the toy line, Sega debuts an AiAi figure to accompany the long-awaited relaunch makes some sense.

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is the return of the first three entries in Sega’s arcade-focused action franchise. While the games made their way to consoles in the early 2000s after their debut alongside arcade classics, they had never before been available in a single package and had never been released on a wide variety of console and PC hardware. at once. Players can enjoy the entire campaigns of Super monkey ball, Super Monkey Ball 2, Y Super Monkey Ball Deluxe in one package along with all the monkey-themed minigames and challenge modes from the original releases.

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Game message board ResetEra discovered and shared what appears to be an internal image of an AiAi amiibo and its packaging. The character matches his design in Banana maniaand the packaging almost matches older third party versions. The location of the Nintendo logo at the bottom left is new, but it could just be an updated design for the box rather than something that an imaging doctor overlooked. It’s also strange that Nintendo didn’t announce the figure alongside the game at the Nintendo Direct adjacent to E3 this year, as they would have no reason to skip that news and have not hidden amiibo announcements at separate events in the past.

AiAi Amiibo

What, instead, places the AiAi amiibo firmly in the fake category is its origins. The image was discovered on 4chan, the famous image board known both for making up many of the most famous memes and for attracting a less-than-desirable clientele. Trolling the rest of the internet with completely fabricated information is one of 4chan’s favorite pastimes, and this intricately detailed image of an AiAi amiibo may be the latest in a long list of fakes. Still, as noted in the original findings, the image was not shared with the infamous video game board, but rather with the much less popular toy-centric corner of the site. No one hoping everyone would join in the joke would take that course of action, so maybe there is some credibility in this mockup after all.

If AiAi represents Super monkey ball in the realm of amiibo or if fans will just have to settle for Banana mania Later this year, the excitement generated by this image shows that there is still a lot of life in Nintendo’s line of interactive statues. Sure, the game’s perks have never really lived up to their initial promise, but the launch of similar lines by other companies and Nintendo’s continued support for the product, well beyond the toy craze to the end, proves one thing. . Video game players love to collect, whether it’s healing items from the game or little tributes to their favorite pets.

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Fountain: ResetEra

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