A workspace shared by characters as intense and strange as the main cast of The office it is meant to lead to discussions. The office Uncomfortable, even tense exchanges were never lacking. Throughout the series’ run, the characters would be at each other’s throats for everything from relationships to office parties.

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The series had more than its fair share of intense, hilarious, and ridiculous matchups between the Dunder Mifflin team. From fun to serious The office It gave the audience a lot of tense character moments to chew on.

10 Gift basket recovery

Michael and Dwight retrieve their gift basket.

After Ryan’s meteoric rise to the Dunder Mifflin company, Michael goes to war with his former temporary lover over the best way to do business. Ryan wants an efficient website, while Michael values ​​the personal touch, so Michael decides to bring gift baskets to recently lost customers in an effort to persuade them to return.

After taking the GPS directions too literally, Michael and Dwight end up driving to a lake. From there, in the style of Michael and Dwight, they return to the last client’s office and demand that the gift basket be returned. It’s a great story for the duo’s dynamics, and Michael’s screams about the chocolate turtles are classics.

9 Too many santas

phyllis dressed as santa - the office

Michael’s penultimate Christmas episode in The office saw him compete with Phyllis for the title of the office of Santa Claus. But in typical Michael fashion, he ends up drawing everyone’s ire as he proceeds to act like a little boy, and the new information that Dunder Mifflin has been sold is what sinks the party.

However, this terrifying information also straightens Michael a bit, and he can apologize to Phyllis for her attitude. When Phyllis’s husband Bob breaks in, she cancels him so he doesn’t seriously hurt Michael.

8 Jim and Pam on their parents

Jim and Pam

Once Jim and Pam were established as a couple, fans expected their relationship to go smoothly, but it wasn’t always that way. Things seemed shaky when Pam’s father came to visit without her mother. His parents are on the sidelines and their breakup becomes official once his father talks to Jim.

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Pam is understandably upset. She questions what Jim said and can’t think of anything. Later, after speaking to his father in person, he learns that Jim had simply expressed great love for Pam, causing his father to realize that he did not feel the same for Pam’s mother. With that, Pam rushes over to Jim and gives him a passionate kiss.

7 Michael vs. Everyone

Season 2’s “The Carpet” followed Michael as he arrived at work to find a mysterious, smelly pile in the middle of the floor. As Michael tries to figure out who would do such a thing, he becomes increasingly paranoid.

He begins to believe that the mysterious pile in the center of his office was left by one of his employees as an “act of terrorism” against him. Michael’s evil friend Todd Packer is revealed to be the prankster’s culprit. Of course, Michael’s very serious paranoia disappears instantly.

6 Darryl vs. Michael on promotion

the office

Michael never did Darryl any favors during his time at Dunder Mifflin. Darryl is a dreamer and hardly misses an opportunity to prove it. He runs the warehouse perfectly, except when Michael drives a forklift through it. His troubles come to a head when it is revealed that Michael has essentially been withholding Darryl from a well-deserved promotion.

Darryl calls Michael about it, and Michael reacts exactly how the viewer expects him to react. After Michael acts, more balanced heads prevail (mostly courtesy of Saber’s Jo Bennett) and Darryl gets more responsibility.

5 Phyllis vs. Angela Over Party Planning

Phyllis and Angela’s squabbles over party planning continued for most of the series. Angela was the head of the Party Planning Committee and she never hesitated to dominate Phyllis’s head. The pinnacle of the conflict came when the tables turned and Phyllis took the throne from Angela.

The committee was always one of the biggest indications of Angela’s controlling and power-hungry nature. Watching her get her due at the hands of a particularly empowered Phyllis is a treat, and seeing her reaction to how well Phyllis’s party goes is even better.

4 Andy and Dwight’s rivalry

Angela is engaged to Andy but cheats on him with Dwight. After bribing Phyllis into silence, Angela can’t help but be herself and her deal, so Phyllis reveals the matter to everyone in the office besides Andy.

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After Angela finally tells the truth to her fiancé, he and Dwight face a duel in the parking lot. Dwight yells accusations of cowardice considering Andy is nowhere to be found. Little does Dwight know, but Andy sneaks up on him in his silent Prius. It’s a smart win for Andy.

3 Ryan the snake

Ryan Howard with a phone in the office

Ryan and Jim had a bit of a rivalry while Ryan was in a corporate position. For the first three seasons of the show, Ryan and Jim were friendly. No best friends, no rivals, just courteous.

That changed in season 4 when Ryan was promoted to vice president of sales. Ryan learns that Jim has been discussing his Dunder Mifflin website project with CEO David Wallace. Ryan started shooting Jim, but ended up getting arrested for sales fraud. This was probably the closest he came to losing his job (even despite Jim’s embarrassing relationship with Charles Miner).

two Did I stutter?

Stanley Hudson cropped

Stanley Hudson, usually shy and relatable, says the phrase “Did I stutter?” it’s the closest Michael has ever come to being completely terrified in front of his staff.

Michael requests Stanley’s cooperation during another futile meeting in the conference room. Seemingly fed up with his crossword interruptions, Stanley yells the phrase at his own boss. As the episode progresses, there are more confrontations, but once things settle down between the two, they can approach the issue with more honesty and professionalism than they have ever shown between themselves before.

1 Dinner

The office

Often cited as one of the best in the series, “Dinner Party” is an episode of The office. Michael and Jan are nearing the end of their relationship and it is obvious to everyone but them.

Michael is finally able to trick Jim and Pam into coming over after work for dinner. Once there, they witness an increasingly intense verbal battle between Michael and his former boss and current lover, Jan. From the shame-worthy music of his assistant to Michael’s pride in his knick-knacks, it all fits together perfectly. perfect and awkward as possible. Jan tossing one of Michael’s Dundies onto his prized tiny flat screen is a watershed moment for the entire series.

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