Whether it’s heroes, villains, or something in between, Disney is home to some of the most powerful characters in all of fiction. While they may have the likes of Star Wars and Marvel for the reins, there are residents of the happiest place on earth who could put Vader, Loki, and Thanos in their places.

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Disney is no stranger to granting superpowers or magical abilities to characters, but many of its beloved animated characters possess an enormous amount of potentially unlimited power. Whether they use it for better or for worse is entirely at their discretion, but there is no denying that the studio houses more than a few powerful names under the house of the mouse.

10 Goofy

It may seem unlikely that someone like Goofy is worth mentioning, but consider his extreme stamina and ridiculously high threshold for pain. There is nothing the silly dog ​​won’t do to laugh, and his stamina has only made him stronger. Roger Rabbit said it best: “Nobody gets hit like Goofy.”

Goofy has been thrown from high places, nearly drowned, set on fire, beaten senseless repeatedly, and has suffered too many falls in his career to count. Like most toons, he is capable of backing off with a head knot at worst. He may lack a superforce of magical abilities, but his limit state of immortality cannot be denied.

9 Friend

Anyone who can conjure spirits of dead kings definitely has something to do, and Rafiki comes equipped with a serious mojo. What earned him a spot on the list is the strange ambiguity of his powers, it’s not just about what he can do, but what he could do.

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Rafiki might be a medium at his basic level, but there is no denying his shamanic influences or how powerful he could be. He can communicate with the deceased, interpret prophecies, and sometimes invoke the elements of nature. With those abilities, Simba must be quite grateful to be on her side.

8 Ursula

When it comes to measuring dark magical powers, it’s a numbers game for Ursula. Although his truly formidable nature appears in the film’s third act when he has Triton’s trident, it can be largely inferred that Ariel is not the first poor wretch he’s made a deal with.

From the number of creatures squirming in its lair, it has clearly been in business for a long time. If you can turn a mermaid into a human being, there is nothing to stop you from performing other forms of sea magic. Like Rafiki, it is his ambiguity that calls into question his limits of power.

7 Pernicious

Maleficent is pretty much modeled after the Disney Villain franchise, and with her reputation, it’s easy to see why. Since making her fiery debut in 1959, Maleficent has mastered tremendous and terrifying power. Essentially setting the bar for all the evil witches and female demons that followed, she triumphantly earned her title of Master of All Evil.

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It’s one thing to curse a baby for a party invitation, but summoning all the powers of hell and becoming a fire-breathing dragon will give anyone a front row seat in the villains’ hall of fame. Maleficent’s exploits in the Disney universe have made her not only infamous, but iconic.

6 Yensid

13 facts you did not know about Disney.

Yen Sid may not have been seen for long in the original Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence, but both his career and power have flourished outside of Fantasy. Mickey’s former master has performed many wonderful feats of magic in both the Disney cartoons and Park projects, but he has truly thrived in the mystical milieu of video games.

He has been involved in the saga of Kingdom hearts, but what gets him a place on the list is his work at Epic Mickey. Anyone who can create an entire world of ink and paint must use an enormous amount of power to be successful. Without a doubt, Yen Sid has some phenomenal arcane abilities under his belt.

5 Merlin

Merlin directing from The Sword in the Stone (1963)

He may be a distracted eccentric, but Merlin is, as he admits, the most powerful wizard in the world. If viewers know a wizard from the top of their heads, it is more than likely Merlin, and it is also likely the Walt Disney version of the character.

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From the beginning, Merlin demonstrates typical magical abilities such as elemental manipulation, transfiguration, teleportation, and a few other classes taught at Hogwarts, but his mastery of them is unquestionable. He could use them primarily for comic effect, but the ending of the famous duel with Mad Madam Mim shows just how cunning, cunning, and creative this wise old wizard can be.

4 Chernabog

Chernabog in Fantasia.

Being the Disney equivalent of the devil will certainly earn the Bald Mountain demon a top-tier spot. Various Disney theorists have even gone as far as to say that characters like Maleficent and Jafar draw their evil power from Chernabog, calling it the source of all evil energies. And with his reputation, that’s probably not far from the truth.

Inspired by the Christian devil and the Slavic god of darkness, Chernabog masters all the powers of the underworld, conjures fire, summons evil spirits and evokes all the forces of evil to carry out his orders is without a doubt the most dynamic display of black magic of all. from Disney. Fortunately, it is easily beaten by daylight when good triumphs over evil.

3 Mickey Mouse

Sorcerer Mickey

An expert in all trades and a master in none is often better than a master in one, or so the saying goes. Mickey Mouse is the ultimate incarnation of Lawful Good and has performed many famous feats in his more than 90-year career. From being a powerful sorcerer to a king and keyblade master, and more, he has proven time and again that no one beats the mouse.

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Like Goofy, Mickey retains a cartoonish tolerance for pain and other physical extremes, but he also has a healthy portion of magical manipulation, sword training, and a variety of other impressive abilities. From rescuing damsels in distress to conquering the forces of evil with his magical imagination, Mickey is certainly tougher than he seems.

two The genius

Genie aladdin

The phenomenal cosmic powers and tiny living space are a great way to sum up the Genie’s incredible abilities. Although it has some conditions and quid pro quos, these are not limitations on its powers, but rather a code of conduct. That said, if the genie is as powerful as it seems, how much is it really holding back?

If the genie possesses the ability to grant any wish other than his three warnings, that potentially means that he has unlimited and immeasurable power constrained by his own moral compass. Like many on this list, the Genie is one of those characters who, thankfully, is one of the good guys. Aladdin was a bit more fortunate to have a friend like him.

1 Product

Don’t be fooled by her charming nature, Figment isn’t easy when it comes to sheer power. He may just use his imaginative abilities to do a bit of damage here and there, but his manipulations of reality would give Doctor Strange cause for alarm. Beneath those purple scales, he is a divine-level power being.

As clearly demonstrated in Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination with Figment, the purple dragon has the ability to warp the world around it with little more than a wave of its hand. Obviously this is used to a fun and charming effect, but it is a power that is otherwise limitless and uncontrolled. If it weren’t for his childish nature, Figment would be an unstoppable force in Disney canon.

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