When the She-Hulk World War begins explosively in Avengers, Jennifer Walters finds herself undergoing a shocking new transformation.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers # 46, by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel and Cory Petit of VC, now on sale.

Jennifer Walters has had a superhero rollercoaster lately with the drastic changes to her gamma-irradiated alter ego, She-Hulk. Enduring a near-death experience during the 2016 crossover event Second Civil War, She-Hulk became more monstrously savage than usual, no longer in full control of his faculties as he had been after gaining his powers for the first time. And although She-Hulk was recently able to control the Green Goliath, retaining her intellect and personality, a surprise betrayal and ambush at Avengers headquarters has led her to undergo a new transformation into Red She-Hulk in Avengers # 46.

Following the Avengers foray into Russia to deal with civil war among the vampire population of the Marvel Universe, the Russian superhero team, the Winter Guard, vowed revenge for this alleged violation of their national sovereignty. Russian heroes took particular interest in She-Hulk, who, in his wild state, wreaked havoc on his country when he unleashed himself on warring vampire factions. With Gorilla-Man positioned as an undercover double agent within the ranks of Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Winter Guard attacked, just as the Avengers were licking their wounds from the recent Heroes reborn crossover event that saw them temporarily outmatched by the Supreme Squad of America.

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With the Avengers headquarters infected by a virus programmed by Gorilla-Man targeting his security system and Iron Man designed by his traitorous ape, the Winter Guard attacks, catching the heroes completely off guard. Bound in chains, She-Hulk ends up in the Red Room where Black Widow trained from an early age to become one of the most talented super spies in the history of the Soviet Union. While Jennifer seems to be holding her mind under intense pressures from the underground organization, she is shocked to discover that her formerly green skin color has changed to bright red, indicating that she may have undergone genetic experimentation while undergoing it.

The original Red Hulk was the alter ego of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, Bruce Banner’s longtime antagonist. Ross secretly underwent an AIM procedure to transform into the Red Hulk to finally dominate his nemesis, retaining his intellect and getting hotter the more he got angry; While the heat emanating from an enraged red Hulk is particularly formidable, it also physically affects the creature. General Robert Maverick would then undergo a similar procedure to transform into the second Red Hulk, while Ross’s daughter Betty would become the Red She-Hulk for a time, opposing her father and becoming a member of the Defenders.

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It is currently unclear what procedure Jennifer Walters endured at the hands of the Red Room to transform into the last Red She-Hulk and if this transformation has the same physiological similarities as the previous Red Hulks. More specifically, it is unknown if the combination of the gamma-radiated blood flowing through Jennifer has a unique reaction to Red Room’s procedures to transform into the Red She-Hulk, similar to the Compound Hulk that appeared briefly when the classic Hulk and Red Hulk were combined.

With Red She-Hulk still under the mercy of the Winter Guard, it appears Jennifer Walters may forcibly turn against her former teammates as the latest recruit to the Russian team, the formidable Winter Hulk.

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