From its conception, Community it has tried to present to the public what the highest form of education is like. However, not everything is what it seems when viewers arrive at the university. As funny as it may sound, all the shenanigans and misadventures that Greendale Community College facilitates are not exactly healthy for drawing people into the job market.

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Due to its low standards, various scandals and a tendency to constantly break properties, Greendale has needed help. While the main characters started out as mere assistants, they grew to have more and more impact and influence and eventually began to use that to help improve the school. However, that is not to say that they themselves are not responsible for some of the worst times in school.

10 Saved the School: Forming the Save Greendale Committee

One of the most obvious ways the study group has given back to Greendale is by forming and leading the “Save Greendale Committee.” After the year of the gas leak, the study group meets to discover that their lives are unsatisfied. They return to Greendale to try and start their lives over, but find themselves personally responsible for saving the school from the brink of self-destruction.

Through various administrative acts and adventures, they eventually work through their entire to-do list, only to miss one thing and have a bunch of frisbees flood the school. They would continue their saving duties again in season 6 with the help of a new studious friend.

9 Almost Made It Worse: Starting a Chicken Finger Mafia

A screenshot of Abed of Community in the episode.

When the study group found out that Star-Burns was using her cafeteria job to gift her friends with chicken fingers, their frustration was understandable. Good food is hard to find in a school cafeteria, and the few good ones disappear in a matter of minutes. It’s just unfair to see some people get special treatment because of their connections.

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The study group solution: play the chicken fingers game themselves. In a fast food parody of gangster movies, the study group manages to expel Star-Burns and put Abed in the kitchen. However, their plan begins to expand after the group begins trading their supply of chicken fingers for grades, free stuff, and control over the student body.

8 Saved the School: Counter City College Attack Announcement


In “Basic Crisis Room Decorum”, one of Abed’s A / V friends informs him that City College plans to release an attack announcement revealing that Greendale gave a dog a title (or almost did). Annie and Frankie were able to disprove that the dog in question earned a title, although they somehow managed to get credit.

Jeff and Dean Pelton manage to spin things around within their own campus ad and admit that they did have a dog as a student, but that they are also working to try to make things better. They manage to cushion a sizable public relations blow for Greendale while keeping them from being downgraded to the City College level.

7 It almost made things worse: almost suing the school

“Repilot” saw Jeff’s seedy lawyer side tempt him once more as his turn toward altruism betrays his entire career. After meeting with Alan Connor again, he offered to help in a massive lawsuit against Greendale. After the dean destroys some incriminating evidence, Jeff decides to rally the study group as witnesses against Greendale.

Since their lives have gotten worse since he convinces them that it is for Greendale and manages to get their support in writing. However, despite having everything he needed in ink and the deep implication that Greendale was responsible for a horrible accident on the bridge, Jeff changed his mind after a surprising cameo from Pierce.

6 Saved the School: Defeating Dean Spreck in Paintball

Greendale’s first paintball fiasco was totally about them. Paintball games are held off-site for a reason, and Dean offered too much. However, the second paintball game was part of a major City College sabotage tactic to have Greendale students ruin their school themselves.

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While Greendale technically gave them the idea with his poor impulse control the year before, City College had no right to use that against him. Since the prize money was real, the study group rallied the entire school together to defeat Dean Spreck’s army and take the money from City College, albeit to repair the damage they personally caused.

5 Almost made it worse: hogging the study room

Juergen, Karl and Lukas sitting at their desks in Community

In “Alternate History of the German Invasion,” a new group of German students takes the study room away from the study group in the most vile way possible: reserving it. As a result, the study group takes this personally and sets out to have international exchange students kicked out of the study hall.

However, his schemes are met with widespread protest from the student body, who are enraged by what the study group has done and complain of their lack of consideration for others. It was certainly a wake-up call they needed as they realized that it wasn’t just them who were trying to improve their future.

4 Saved School: Saved Chang Dynasty School


There are few villains in Community who are as cool as Mr. Ben Chang, and season 3 was their big year. After losing his job as a Spanish teacher and not gaining any certification or skills as a student, Chang is promoted to Greendale as a security guard. After the events of “Contemporary Impressionists”, Chang sets up an entire conspiracy to overthrow the Dean and rule the school by himself.

Along the way, he manages to ban the study group. Faced with the most brazen plot of villains in the entire series, the study group steps in again to save Dean Pelton and expose Chang (but not without the help of the school’s secret order of air conditioning repairmen).

3 Almost Made Things Worse: Fighting the Pillow and Blanket War

Anyone who has ever been to a sleepover or sleepover can attest that pillow and blanket fights can break up friendships. Apparently, they can also wreak havoc on an entire school. Although Troy and Abed have had great moments in Community, “Pillows and Blankets” almost saw their friendship end when they lead two opposing armies to decide which of their forts has supremacy over the school.

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Whether it was from shared passion or the fact that this somehow canceled all classes, their enmity managed to draw the entire school in, forcing friends to fight with friends and allowing the worst of people to get out of weird and violent ways (as in Chang’s Children’s Army, Shirley’s Inner Warrior, and Pierce’s giant pillow suit).

two Saved the School: Finding the Founder of Greendale

Ironically, Season 5’s efforts to save Greendale proved to be his undoing, as this allowed the school board puppets Carl and Richie to sell the school to the private sector (i.e. the returning Subway franchise). . While this was almost a scratch on the loss column, the group finds hope when they begin searching for a secret treasure within Greendale.

This ultimately leads them to the founder of Greendale, Professor Russell Borchert, who had secluded himself inside the school to be alone with his golden robot. While the group was sadly unable to purchase the school as they had planned, they were able to get Borchert, the rightful owner of the school, to decline the sale.

1 Almost made it worse: touching the ground is lava


The “geothermal escapism” showed how messy goodbyes can be. With Donald Glover leaving the series midway through season 5, he received a moving farewell from the study group, particularly Abed. The Greendale resident movie buff decided to host a school-wide game of ‘The Floor is Lava,’ and put up a $ 50,000 comic as the prize for the ultimate winner.

Once again, a children’s game throws Greendale into turmoil as they all secure any possible lever or platform as they fight tooth and nail to throw their friends to the ground. While not as staining as paintball wars, this must have destroyed a lot of tables along the way and genuinely hurt a few people.

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