Leland Townsend has been causing trouble for Evil since season 1 and there are some new details about him that may hint at his true identity.

Evil Season 2 revealed an important clue about Leland Townsend’s true identity. The forensic psychologist first came into play in season 1, taking the previous cases of Kristen Bouchard and working with the serial killer Orson LeRoux, who was pretending to be possessed. Leland’s actions have become even more difficult to predict in Evil season 2, with his unexpected exorcism request being a turning point in his journey thus far. While there are already clues to Leland’s work with the demonic, there have also been various hints that he is even less human than he appears.

On Evil In episode 2 of season 2, called “A is for Angel”, Leland crossed paths with Sister Andrea when she was visiting the rectory to participate in a confessional with David Acosta. Confession was one of the last tests for David before he became a priest, although Leland was trying to prevent him from succeeding in his endeavor. Sister Andrea made no secret of her disdain for Leland upon seeing him, calling him a demon. Later, when Leland goes to apologize to Sheryl for yelling at her and breaking their engagement, Sheryl also alludes to the same thing and asks if she knows how many “the hell” she has dated in the past.

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The fact that Leland was called twice for being a demon in the same episode seems to indicate that he is what Sister Andrea says he is in the literal sense. The public has seen Leland’s manipulations and, by the end of Evil season 1, he was shown talking to the devil that David has been seeing in visions. To that end, it might as well be a demon; he knows too much about the map and the stamps that David, Kristen and Ben are investigating to be an innocent bystander in all of this. On the other hand, Leland could also be possessed, which could explain why Sister Andrea called him a demon and why he demands to be exorcised.

Of course, it is possible that Leland is simply playing the long game and is not a demon or possessed by one. Evil he’s shown himself to be a manipulative liar and not exactly a mentally sane person. Almost everything Leland has done and continues to do can be interpreted in different ways. Sister Andrea and Sheryl calling him a demon could be less literal and more metaphorical; The character’s actions are despicable enough to be considered evil and cruel, which could be why the act of naming him a demon works either way. However, at the very least, he has been dabbling in the demonic for a reason that has yet to be revealed.

The series is also incredibly ambiguous and the audience is unlikely to get direct confirmation on his identity one way or another. Evil He has also offered explanations for Leland’s behavior in season 2, for example the countdown marks behind his ear that he claimed were warnings of his disappearance were actually tattoos that he made himself. And what is more, Evil it’s a strong show precisely because it’s ambivalent, blurring the lines between the supernatural aspects it presents and the logical reasoning that can be supported by science, medicine, and technology. Yes or no Evil It will reveal another layer of Leland’s identity and the machinations are unclear, but the series has at least established that doing devious things is part of the course.

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