In Loki episode 5, Sylvie uses her enchantments beyond the voracious and conscious Void tempest, Alioth, and has a vision of the castle she is guarding.

On Loki In Episode 5, Sylvie finds herself fleeing an all-consuming cloud of conscious anger called Alioth, and uses her enchanting powers to get a glimpse of what Alioth is protecting. His brief vision reveals a castle on a rock floating in space and taunts that someone is hiding inside his tower.

“Journey Into Mystery” takes Sylvie and Loki one step closer to learning the truth about who really created the Time Variance Authority, as the previous episode revealed that Time-Keepers are simply automata. After being “pruned” by Ravonna Renslayer, Loki finds himself in what is effectively a giant dump at the end of time, where everything that is pruned by the TVA is sent so that it can no longer influence the sacred timeline. Among the inhabitants who have avoided being eaten by Alioth are several variants of Loki, who now consider this place at the end of time as their home.

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Alioth instinctively targets newcomers to her domain, and after being cornered by Ravonna Renslayer and the TVA, Sylvie chooses to “self-prune” so she can join Loki in his bleak new location. Alioth attacks her immediately upon arrival, and while fleeing the creature, she uses her enchantment on her. This briefly gives you a glimpse of what Alioth is connected to: a ring-shaped rock floating in space, with a castle on top. His vision zooms in on the castle, showing a large pair of gates at the bottom and, at the top, a tower with a bright yellow dome. It seems that the true creator of television and the Time-Keepers is hiding here, in the void at the end of time, with the fearsome Alioth as his watchdog.

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Loki Episode 5 Sylvie Vision Tower

The most popular theory (fueled by certain casting rumors) regarding the identity of the “man behind the curtain” is that it involves Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang the Conqueror, a time traveler from the comics who traveled forward in time and conquered a weakened war. -turned Earth, expanding its domain across the galaxy from there. Having conquered the future, Kang went back in time to attempt to conquer an earlier version of Earth. Kang is strongly linked to both the comic book version of Ravonna and Alioth, so the chances that this castle on a floating space rock is Kang’s citadel seem very high.

There is another key reference to Kang at the beginning of Loki Episode 5, which shows in more detail the ruined version of the Avengers Tower that was shipped at the end of time, and reveals that the tower now says “Qeng” on the upper part. At Marvel Comics, Qeng Enterprises was the company owned by “Mr. Gryphon,” an alias used by Kang the Conqueror when posing as a businessman and CEO in the 21st century.

At the end of “Journey Into Mystery”, Sylvie and Loki manage to unite their powers and are able to enchant Alioth, parting a green curtain of magic to reveal the castle that Sylvie saw in her vision. The episode ends with the two walking towards the castle, so it appears that the full truth about TVA and the person who created it will be revealed in the finale of next week.

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