Some missing details created a false impression among some Star Trek fans as to whether or not the Romulans can spit acid at Picard.

PicardThe premiere left a lot of questions in its wake – most of the good ones, like Dahj’s origins and the reasons Data continues to stalk Jean-Luc. However, a more practical question confused parts of the Star trek fan base. At the end of season 1, episode 1, “Remembrance”, a group of Romulan assassins attack Picard and Dahj at Starfleet headquarters. One of them spits green acid at Dahj, causing his weapon to shatter and explode. His death sends Picard in search of his twin, which begins the central story arc of the season. It also led to the misconception that Romulans are naturally capable of spitting acid.

Yes PicardIf Romulans were capable of spitting acid, it would represent an unprecedented change in their accepted physiology with ramifications far beyond the CBS series. Fortunately, it is not, although the scene can give that impression quite easily. However, a closer look helps clarify the facts.

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Star Trek Picard Dahj

The notion of natural acid sacks is critical for several reasons. It means recovering the value of decades of established Star trek canon, going all the way back to The original series Season 1, Episode 14, “Balance of Terror.” It also creates a number of continuity problems in the process, forcing Emigrateto the producers to explain why fans have never seen a Romulan use such an ability before. Also, they would have to do the same with the Vulcans, who are the genetic cousins ​​of the Romulans, or at least explain the difference.

The greenish color of the acid adds to the confusion, as it evokes the green of Romulan blood. There is another one before Star trek moment that feeds the impression as well. Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7, Episode 19, “Genesis”, Presents an Evolution Lieutenant Worf spitting acid poison on Dr. Crusher’s face. The similarity of the attack in Picard draws instant associations, making it easy to conclude that this was a new biological feature of the Romulans as a species. Considering PicardThe focus on the Romulans during season 1, and considering the number of reveals fans learned about them in the process, analyzing the veracity of the small details can be difficult.

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That’s a big guess for what equates to a single second of screen time. And in fact, it is not necessary. The shot contains a moment of blinking and you will miss it in which the Romulan bites the right side of the mouth before spitting. It indicates a capsule or implant, possibly provided as a suicide pill, that he uses as a weapon of last resort to destroy Dahj.

That sticks with the character in question and provides a crisp coda for a strong action scene. In this case, the Romulans are black ops assassins working at the behest of a secret conspiracy called Zhat Vash – dedicated to the destruction of artificial intelligence. As such, the acid served as a last-ditch effort to kill Dahj and fulfill his mission. Picard portrays the killers as ruthless and fanatical, willing to die rather than reveal their secrets. Considering that Romulan’s systemic embrace of secrets is another key theme in the show’s first season, an unexpected weapon like an acid capsule makes perfect sense.

Star trek Sometimes the trends get too close to shifting cherished concepts for convenience. Star Trek: Into Darkness‘reboot of the Klingons, which Discovery later emulated, he is a good example and remains a source of contention among the fan base. Fortunately, romulan acid sacks are not subjected to a similar treatment. The details are subtle and easy to miss, but quite indisputable. So that toxic green acid was a product of technology, not biology.

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