Fear Street trilogy writer and director Leigh Janiak opens up about her wish for new Netflix horror movies to feature a lot of blood.

Street of fear Trilogy writer and director Leigh Janiak opens up about her desire for Netflix horror movies to feature a lot of blood. The films are loosely based on RL Stine’s novel series of the same name, a more mature approach to his unique writing style compared to his acclaimed Goosebumps franchise. The stories generally took place in the fictional town of Shadyside, Ohio, as average teenagers encounter paranormal and evil entities.

The first film in the series, Part One: 1994, focuses on a group of teenagers who, by the way, discover an ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their city for more than 300 years and seek a way to stop it. The film starred Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr., Julia Rehwald, Maya Hawke, and Gillian Jacobs. The trilogy is off to a solid start, as reviews have been mostly positive for the film, which currently has an 87% approval rating for “certified fresh” from critics. Rotten tomatoes.

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When the trilogy begins on the streaming platform, Janiak caught up with Indiewire to talk about Netflix Street of fear trilogy, that is, its first part just released. Despite having occasional concerns regarding the producers’ faith in the more mature execution, the filmmaker says she remained confident and revealed her thought process for taking this route. See what Janiak said below:

Right away, I thought, these have to be R-rated slasher movies. I was thinking about being 10 and 11, sneaking to the video store and renting things I wasn’t supposed to rent, like Child’s Play and A Nightmare. on Elm Street. That was an important part, always, for me. We shot the second movie last, and when I got to that movie, I was so tired. I was then tired. Every time we had a scene with a death or a seizure, I was like, ‘More blood, more blood, fuck, let’s do this!’ There was no more negotiation, it was like more, just doing more.

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Kiana Madeira as Deena Johnson, Julia Rehwald as Kate Schmidt, Fred Hechinger as Simon Kalivoda, Fear Street 1994

Meanwhile he Goosebumps The franchise is generally best known for its more PG approach to horror, it was interesting to see Janiak and company. go through R-rated territory with the first installment in the Street of fear trilogy. Although the body count was not large, the deaths shown in the film proved to be indeed shocking, namely that of a sliced ​​head of bread. Since the opening scene itself was already a solid ode to Wes Craven He shoutedWhat followed was a hilarious throwback to the bloody assassins of yore.

With Part Two: 1978 has already been confirmed to have an R rating for equally bloody violence, the Friday the 13th-is that the follow-up certainly looks promising. Janiak’s revelation that the next Street of fear The delivery was the last shot and the one demanding more blood for every attack and kill, it seems like the damn fun is only beginning. Street of fear The second part arrives this friday and Part three July 16 arrives.

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