Animation adaptations for video games have apparently been a successful concept for Netflix, since its original Castlevania The series turned out to be a critical and commercial success for the streaming giant. IP like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s creed, Splinter cell, Y Far away They are among the next to get adaptations, and with a changing environment like this, FromSoftware’s acclaimed games could be a great source of content.

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His Souls games created a new subgenre like Metroid Y Castlevania made in the past, and fan favorite Bloodborne he still managed to carve out a particularly special place in the hearts of the players. From themes to action to aesthetics, it has a lot of potential to inspire a captivating animated adaptation.

6 The gothic horror scene of the victorian era

The Hunter on the Stage of Yharnam Plagued by Bloodborne Diseases

FromSoftware certainly became popular in the gaming industry for creating stunning dark fantasy worlds, but Bloodborne He took the typical setting they were using at the time and mixed it with other flavors. Dark fantasy was still very much around, but adding Victorian-era gothic horror to the mix made Yharnam a hauntingly fresh setting to launch into.

A top-notch director who adapts a Bloodborne The film might be a sight to behold, but an animated adaptation could allow a studio to illustrate a singularly bleak but beautiful world in a way that live action may not quite capture. From Netflix Castlevania it could serve as a model of how such environments and architecture might look in this format.

5 Brutal, high-octane action from Bloodborne

The hunter in the fight against the enemies in Yharnam.

Another important aspect that could be magnificently adapted from the world of Bloodborne is his unique brand of brutal, visceral, high-octane fights. Once again thanks to Castlevania, fans are sure to know that such fast action is possible given what Powerhouse Animation accomplished on their own show.

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Bloodborne It broke the mold of how FromSoftware’s action RPGs were played a bit, as it heavily rewarded gamers for speed and almost relentless aggression. Meanwhile, Demon souls Y Dark souls (particularly DS2 and 3) encouraged players to be more methodical and analyze enemies more slowly. Given the horrors that Yharnam has to offer and the cathartic combat gameplay mechanics, fans will enjoy some slick, elegant, and gory action.

4 Much knowledge and construction of the world

Still gameplay of Father Gascoigne and a Hunter from Bloodborne

All games that fall under FromSoftware’s colloquial “Soulsborne” umbrella take a very different approach to storytelling and storytelling. The story that is happening right now is told through minimal dialogue and cut scenes with the NPCs, and with a flavor text of the items discovered and collected in their worlds that give the player clues about lore and construction. of the world for the things that matter today.

Despite that, there is certainly room for creativity in expanding the story moment by moment and the dialogue with the available characters. The concise flashback sequences could give context to the build-up of Yharnam’s disastrous state and the origins of The Hunter’s Nightmare, while stories involving characters like Father Gascoigne would make for some compelling and heartbreaking subplots.

3 Growing prominence of western animation

Netflix logo, a still from Castlevania season 4, and a preview of Captain Laserhawk

The growing influence of Japanese anime over the years has led the West to invest more in its own animation. Its relevance and popularity are no longer as limited in the mainstream, with studios like the aforementioned Powerhouse similarly earning their due respect as anime studios like Wit, MAPPA, Ufotable, and more.

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The next Netflix Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon adaptation, Captain LaserhawkIt looks like it is going to have a great study in the form of the new Bobbypills. Should Netflix produce a Bloodborne adaptation, you’d probably have a long list of studios to choose from given the streamer’s burgeoning relationship with animation. That, and a great deal of goodwill backing it up thanks to the game’s acclaim and the positive atmosphere Netflix has created for video game TV shows.

two Extend the story of the game

Player character interacting with the doll in the hunter's dream.

As with other FromSoftware games Demon souls Y Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne It also appears to be a unique game that is not intended to expand into a full series as with Dark souls. Of course the game works well in its own right like the others as standalone stories, but a TV series could have the best of both worlds.

FromSoft doesn’t need to make a sequel to the game, but in addition to a hypothetical show that develops the established story, it could also make way for original content. Castlevania It certainly took its own creative liberties from the gaming timeline, so as long as a deft hand handles the writing, this could be something of a “Bloodborne 2” in terms of advancing the plot and lore of the world.

1 Creativity in character / monster designs

The hunter fighting Darkbeast Paarl in Bloodborne

Games like Dark souls They are also known for fearsome monsters, and Bloodborne in particular, it featured some notable monstrosities of supernatural horror over Gothic dark fantasy. There are plenty of cool monster designs to choose from for a show as-is, but this is another great opportunity to let the animators’ creativity run a bit wild as they create awesome new abominations.

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And the same goes for the “character” designs in the game. The Hunters have their own hauntingly elegant “Victorian Gothic” look, and bringing this into an animated television adaptation could allow for more liberties to be taken with certain characters. That especially applies with the player / protagonist Hunter, as most of the recent and acclaimed FromSoft games have the player create a “blank canvas” character to use.

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