The initial foray into Shiganshina was one of the most brutal moments in Attack on Titan. It set the tone for the rest of the series and provided Eren with the motivation he needed to swear vengeance against those who had destroyed his home (be it Pure Titans or Marley).

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Through recent technological advancements and with better planning, there are dozens of ways to survive a Titan’s onslaught. By identifying them, we can better understand which actions are essential, in case one is in a similar position to Eren and his friends.

10 ODM Gear is the easiest way to ensure survival

Honor 3D Maneuver ODM

ODM equipment allows its user to grab onto nearby surfaces and propel himself in any direction. It was a device most commonly used by Scouts to take down Titans and make daring escapades when necessary.

Considering that Shiganshina has hundreds of buildings to contend with, it would be an excellent utility during the first pure titanic invasion. Unfortunately, the garrison unit was not so prepared for the attack that it was rarely used to defend against the invaders.

9 It is advisable to run at the moment when the colossal titan appears

Before Shiganshina was raped, there was a massive flash of lightning and fingers that spread over the walls. Rather than flee in fear at the notoriously dire omens, most local residents were paralyzed with curiosity or fear.

If one started running towards the door immediately after Bertholdt’s initial transformation, they would be in a much better place to escape through the door or handle the evacuation boat. Furthermore, they would be out of range of the debris the Colossal sent flying with a single brutal kick.

8 Traveling in crowds is a surprisingly effective way to avoid being eaten

colossal titan entrance

If one does not immediately flee at the sign of the Colossal, traveling in crowds would be another great way to increase the chances of survival. Although this would attract the greatest number of pure Titans, it would also provide security in numbers.

Since the giants almost exclusively prefer to select a target and eat it, the chances of one being eliminated from the mob are relatively slim. However, it is ideal to stay in front of the group to prevent it from slowing down.

7 Living near Wall Maria is a smart precaution to take

attack on titan

With the knowledge that the Titans have been besieging Paradis for over a century, it would be a prudent precaution to establish a residence as close to Wall Maria as possible so that you can quickly escape in the event that Shiganshina collapses.

Considering that the door was belatedly closed, someone close to the threshold would have more than enough time to flee before most of their compatriots. It would guarantee an uneventful and less traumatic escape from one of the most horrific incidents in anime narrative.

6 Military police can be bribed to break through the wall first

military police attack on titan

The military police are notoriously corrupt, having demonstrated their willingness to sell their own equipment for financial gain and report it as “lost.” If one has the foresight to pay them during the Shiganshina raid, it is possible to get special protective equipment.

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It would allow those rich enough to pass through Wall Maria before Reiner’s rampage or just have immediate access to the evacuation shuttle. In any case, friends in high places grant special privileges for the right price.

5 Being a Titan Shifter would make survival easier

Attack on Titan Season 4 Eren

Being a titan shifter would significantly increase your chances of escaping. If Eren had used the Attack Titan earlier, he would have been able to ignore dozens of pure Titans even with relatively low combat experience.

In fact, even the weakest of the nine shapeshifters would guarantee escape. For example, the Titan Carro could have carried a dozen civilians on its back before moving to safety.

4 Lying down inside a building would provide temporary security against the onslaught of the Titans

titan attack

When the pure titans arrived, they did not blindly destroy the buildings. Occasionally, one can look inside to determine if a human is nearby, although they would not pay much attention to the houses otherwise.

If one could identify how close a Titan was by its heavy footsteps and hide under a table or under a window as appropriate, they could avoid towering pursuers while devising a plan to escape behind Wall Maria. The only detriment to this strategy is that it could make one arrive late to the refugee ship, although it is better than being eaten immediately.

3 Shiganshina’s cannons should have been stationed at the bottleneck

Although Paradis was at a disadvantage against the Pure Titans, they were not helpless. Dozens of cannons were pulled out in a futile attempt to stop Reiner from destroying Wall Maria.

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Had this artillery been deployed in the breach that Bertholdt made, the defenders of Shiganshina would have been significantly more successful against the invading Pure Titans. Since there was only one hole that the giants could open, they would be slaughtered as quickly as they could enter the city. While Reiner can disrupt cannons after realizing his enemies’ strategy, he would still have given civilians valuable time to escape.

two Thunder Spears would have been excellent against Pure Titans

Although thunder spears were not invented at the time of the Titan invasion, they reasonably could have been. Paradis had a hundred years to experiment with pure Titans and refine the technology capable of defeating them.

Had the Garrison unit been equipped with these weapons, they could have fired deadly explosive projectiles at the giants that would counter any inexperience they had with ODM gear and close combat.

1 It is still possible to jump into the escape boat after it reached its full capacity

refugees eren and shiganshins

When the refugee ship departed, the Shiganshina soldiers desperately tried to contain the Eldians who had been left behind. However, there were a decent number of people who managed to dodge the makeshift blockade and jump off the wall, managing to get on board with the other fugitives.

This was one of the few cases in the series where the background characters went to considerable lengths to ensure their own survival.

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