Marvel Studios releases an article that highlights Black Widow as a fundamental chapter in shaping the future of the MCU.

Marvel Studios released a short article highlighting the upcoming Black widow as a gateway to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The video features Marvel Studios President / Marvel Creative Director Kevin Feige, who shares Marvel’s enthusiasm for telling Natasha Romanoff’s story. Feige points out that a Black widow The standalone feature is the perfect transition point to Phase 4 of the MCU. Natasha’s story is also mentioned as good medicine after the conclusion of Infinity Saga.

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The featurette promotes Black widow as the setting to debut the new characters that will plant seeds for the future of the MCU. Rachel Weisz, David Harbor and Florence Pugh are new additions to the Marvel family, with the latter appearing in the Disney + series. Hawkeye, which will follow Clint Barton’s passage from Hawkeye’s mantle to Hailee Steinfield’s Kate Bishop.

Scarlett Johansson was also on hand to describe Natasha’s stance in this movie as a by-product of previous MCU chapters. Feige comments that Black widow I would revisit the character’s past in the MCU to shed new light on certain events.

Feige previously confirmed that a scene between Loki and Natasha in 2012 the Avengers it would be put into context. The moment in question occurs when Natasha is interrogating Loki in the Helicarrier cell, before the God of Mischief begins to taunt her with memories of the past. This includes São Paulo, Dreykov’s daughter and a hospital fire, and Black widowThe narrative will explain why it was painful for the character to remember those specific events.

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Feige also explains how fans can bring presumptions to see. Black widow, assured that they know some characters inside and out. “We like to subvert them,” says Feige, confident that the public will find some surprises along the way.

One of those surprises lies in the identity of Taskmaster, the new MCU supervillain. Another previously released feature film conveyed how dangerous the antagonist is, with Weisz describing the character as the “ultimate secret weapon.”

Directed by Cate Shortland, Black widow stars Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, David Harbor as Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian, OT Fagbenle as Mason, and Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff. The film hits theaters and at Disney + Premier Access on July 9.

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