Netflix has just released the first installment of the Street of fear film cycle, which establishes the next two entries with references to various Shadyville assassins throughout the centuries; here is the timeline explained. The new trilogy is a horror fan’s dream and features a host of tributes and Easter eggs to the biggest horror movies of the last fifty years. Street of fear is based on a series of books by author RL Stine, though it offers a much bloodier story than its more kid-friendly Goosebumps novels.

The first film Street of fear: 1994, introduces viewers to Shadyside, Ohio’s sinister connection to killers and possessions. Following Shadyside’s teenagers, Deena, Sam, Josh, Simon, and Kate, come face to face with the city’s most notorious killers after the possessing witch, Sarah Fier, attempts to capture Sam and turn her into another of her own. minions. With Deena’s brother Josh’s deep knowledge of the historic Shadyside massacres and the lore behind Fier, the group attempts to contain the undead assassins with the foreshadowed help of former massacre survivor C. Berman.

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With parts two and three launching on Netflix over the next few weeks, more pieces of the Shadyside puzzle will be put together. Since most of the story is given through Josh’s messages with the mysterious AOL chat room user “QUEENOFAIRANDARKNESS” and his collection of newspaper clippings, it is expected that C. Berman in the second part provide more background on the previous killers. As revealed so far, here is the timeline of Street of fearAssassins and their corresponding massacres.

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Ryan Torres (Skull Mask) – 1994 Shadyside Mall Massacre

Street killer of fear

The opening scene of Street of fear: 1994 shows the Shadyside Mall massacre enacted by high school graduate and mall employee Ryan Torres. Kills bookstore clerk and friend Heather Watkins, who dies at Drew Barrymore He shouted fashion considering Maya Hawke was used to promote the movie. When Ryan chases Heather around the mall wearing a skull mask, she looks around to see other victims. After the Torres killings made headlines, the media officially dubbed Shadyside the murder capital of the United States.

Ryan is the newest Shadyside resident possessed by Sarah Fier as a result of her revenge against the city for executing her for witchcraft in 1666. Deena reads a police report revealing that Ryan killed at least nine people at the mall until an officer Police responded fatally shot him while attacking Heather. Following Ryan’s death, Sarah Fier passed on to her next victim: Sam Fraser. In the ensuing attack on Sam and his friends, Ryan / Skull Mask is one of the henchmen who returns from the dead to hunt them down.

Camp Nightwing Killer – 1978

Trailer header for Fear Street Part 2 1978

The Camp Nightwing Killer is the second most recent killer that has the most connections to the 1994 characters. The killer reoccurs in Street of fear: 1994 as one of the witch’s henchmen sent to kill Sam and his friends. In the summer of 1978, sixteen years before the mall massacre, a masked assassin with what appears to be a burlap sack on his head kills twelve children and teenagers with an ax and gallows at Camp Nightwing.

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He was one of the counselors who, like Ryan, “clickAnd he started killing late at night. Kate reveals that her mother’s sister was present during the murders, but it appears that she was not one of the victims. Following the events at the camp, the mayor of Sunnyvale demolished the camp to build the mall that would later host the 1994 murders. Street of fear: 1994 reveals that a survivor of the 1978 massacre, C. Berman, saw the witch but survived.

Camp Nightwing is the focus of Street of Fear: 1978, which will premiere on Netflix on July 9. By the premise, Camp Nightwing is segregated between campers and counselors who come from the “safe” city of Sunnyvale and the campers and handymen come from the less prosperous city of Shadyside. The Field Killer will bring both parties together as they uncover the cities’ sinister shared history dating back to Sarah Fier’s execution in 1666.

Ruby Lane – 1965

One of the more mysterious killers, Ruby Lane was a 16-year-old Shadyside high school student who, possessed by the witch, murdered her boyfriend and six other people with a razor in 1965. Ruby sings “You Always Hurt The One You Love “while continuing his carnage rampage. The street of fear: 1994 The crew first encounters her when Simon, walking down Main Street, sees her sitting on the sidewalk singing the song. He confronts her, then she uses her razor to cut off his leg and has a zombified appearance that makes Simon think they are in an updated version of Night of the Living Dead. Josh then explains that Ruby cut her wrists with the razor after killing her boyfriend and friends, hoping (unsuccessfully) to end the witch’s influence. Ruby continues to stalk and hunt the teenagers in 1994 as undead assassins search for Sam.

The Milkman’s Killer (Harry Rooker) – 1950-53

Not much has been revealed about Harry Rooker, who was a Shadyside milkman turned murderer in the early 1950s. Known (appropriately) as The Milkman Killer, Rooker murdered some of his clients, who were all housewives, with a razor. Josh tells Deena and the Street of fear: 1994 gang that Rooker killed their victims in 1950, though when chatting on AOL, his pen pal says the milkman was enraged in 1953.

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Humpty Dumpty’s Killer (1935)

The information about Humpty Dumpty’s killer given by Josh and his newspaper clipping in Street of Fear: Part 1 it is limited, although it gives a clear time frame of the year 1935. One of the newspaper headlines notifies the public about the hit by Humpty Dumpty’s killer, which is the only readable information. While explicit details about the murders are unknown, the killer’s “Humpty Dumpty” nickname suggests that he dismembered people so they couldn’t be “reassemble. “

Billy Barker – 1922

Billy Barker from Fear Street

One of the scariest excerpts from the Shadyside murders of the past shows a young boy, Billy Barker, murdering his brother asleep in bed. Josh’s newspaper clipping provides more information on the murder, describing the event broadly as a deformed boy who horribly beat his brothers with a baseball bat while they slept. The newspaper also reveals that Billy died after the event, probably in a way that he tried to stop the influence of the witch like the other possessed victims.

The Con man – 1904

Occurring 90 years earlier Street of Fear: Part 1, Shadyside was the victim of a murderer known as “The Grifter” in 1904. Details on The Grifter are almost as scant as the Humpty Dumpty Killer, with a newspaper clipping emphasizing the “Grifter Guts Girls”. The scene showing The Grifter murdering his victims shows him wearing a strange mask while drowning a girl in a lake, so the ripping part of his murders is unknown.

Death Farmer – 1890

With no details other than his nickname, 1890 saw a sinister farmer who killed some Shadyside residents. Josh has a note that says “Death Farmer – 1890” on his wall, although he does not have a corresponding newspaper clipping. It appears that the Sarah Fier curse of Shadyside had been dormant for several years before the farmer, and Josh’s notes included a document that read, “1775-1831?” This question mark indicates that no known massacres occurred during this time period, although Josh has a note with the name of an unreadable murderer for 1832.

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Pastor Cyrus Miller – 1666

Cyrus Miller, the Shadyside shepherd, is the first known murderer and victim of the witch’s influence. Josh informs his friends that Miller killed children and slit their eyelids in 1666. Miller was Fier’s first victim, having been possessed by her the same year she was executed for witchcraft. Given that religious American inhabitants were crucial in convicting and executing people for witchcraft in the 17th century, Sarah likely possessed Miller as revenge against those who metaphorically signed her death warrant. The newspaper clipping on their murders reports “Pastor Miller Snaps”, the same phrase that was used to describe the Shadyside killers for the next 300 years.

The second installment of Street of fear The film trilogy will cover the 1978 Camp Nightwing Massacre, although Pastor Cyrus Miller will likely be a key figure in the third and final film set in 1666. The accusations and execution of Sarah Fier will likely be revealed in the last. Street of fear film, uncovering the mystery of why it owns ordinary townspeople like Cyrus Miller and Ryan Torres and the motive for their massacre of the citizens of Shadyside.

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  • Fear Street Part 2: 1978 (2021)Release Date: Jul 09, 2021
  • Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021)Release Date: Jul 16, 2021

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