As Natalie Mordovtseva continues to poke fun at Mike Youngquist in her Instagram captions, the 90-day fiance star recently wowed with a stunning makeover.

Natalie Mordovtseva has impressed 90 day fiancé fans with her new makeup transformation into a stylish new photoshoot. Since having plastic surgery and losing more than 30 pounds due to her exercise routine, 90 day fiancé The estranged wife of star Mike Youngquist has felt more self-confident. While Natalie used to be teased for her excessive filters and Photoshop fails on her older Instagram photos, she now seems to rely on her vampire facials and makeup to get that boyish look. However, 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Star Natalie’s most recent reveal, with a cryptic caption to match, has some fans speculating about a nose job, while others also send her marriage proposals.

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Natalie underwent an expensive nose job, which is due to having trouble breathing due to polyps, leading fans to conclude that she is using Mike’s money to undergo cosmetic surgery. Several before and after photos of Natalie are being compared by 90 day fiancé fans, thanks to his impulsive decision to have surgery as Mike. Episode 11 of WELL showed Natalie in bandages, and Mike complaining that she is selfish and just wants him to wear it. But fans know how Mike and Natalie’s relationship ends, thanks to Uncle Beau, and that he is currently filming season 2 of 90 days: the single life, according to yours Maximum error on the website which he later denied.

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Natalie was probably single again and looking for a partner who could become her fourth husband after Mike, which has motivated many of her Instagram fans. Despite Natalie trying to prove she’s together with Mike by posting a photo of Uncle Beau on her Instagram Stories, fans are still trying to woo her after seeing her recent makeover. In your caption for the photo posting, Natalie wrote that her ideal man is “trustworthy as a rock, strong as a beast, kind as a father“And not someone who embodies”indifference, inattention and carelessness.” The 90 day fiancé cast member added that she “openly disrespectful to people who cheat and lie“And that she wants”build honest and trusting relationships without lies,“Perhaps casting shade at 90 day fiancéMike

Meanwhile, Natalie’s comments for the post have been a mixed bag of critics doubting her English skills, some asking her to “Go homeAnd some asking him to take care of himself. However, there are many ardent Natalie fans who have left responses like, “I’m in love with you,“”The Absolutely Sexiest Woman On TV, “”You are incredibly beautiful, “”#wcw” Y “I’m still waiting to find an amazing woman like you.“A fan wants to grab”have dinner sometime” with 90 day fiancé star Natalie, and someone else asked her, “Can I be in your life?

It seems that while Natalie has her share of trolls visiting her profile just to make fun of her, there are 90 day fiancé fans who are generally interested in seeing her do well. Mike may not have appreciated Natalie for who she is. And he claims that he is not actively looking to start a relationship. But considering that she is part of Single life, maybe a new successful romance awaits you.

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