Lost It may have “lost” a bit of heat from its fastball in recent seasons, but it’s still one of the best TV shows of all time. The show became an overnight sensation after its pilot episode debuted in September 2004, thanks to its beautiful island setting, talented cast, and creative writing team. The mysteries grew with each new episode and the show’s creators continued to find ways to wow audiences, leading to six unforgettable seasons of a beautiful show.

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The creators of Lost We weren’t originally sure if the pilot would be chosen, but the character development and intriguing mysteries were enough to keep “the raft” afloat for six years. In a show full of monsters, hatches, Others, and more, the heart came from the characters themselves. Also, there were many laughs shared by the castaways and some of them made fans laugh more than others.

10 Bernard: He’s a dentist, not Rambo

Bernard from Lost

Bernard, along with his wife Rose, is one of the most beloved characters in Lost story. After Rose explains to Jack that her husband was in the tail section, no one other than Rose believed that he might still be alive. Fortunately, at the beginning of Season 2, a group of survivors from the back of the plane meet up with Jin, Sawyer, and Michael and eventually join the main castaways. Bernard was with the group and finally met Rose at one of the most emotional gatherings on the island. Rose and Bernard weren’t in as many episodes as some of the other regulars and only shared one flashback episode.

When they got back together, Rose and Bernard started arguing and shared some fun discussions with each other. Bernard would provide some wise input and some good laughs, but his best date had to be defending the Others’ camp, reassuring Rose that “he’s a dentist, not Rambo.”

9 Rose: the loving and resourceful mother figure

Just as Bernard was a good man and also quite funny, his wife was a great woman and seemed to become a mother figure to many of the younger characters. If he was fighting Bernard about leaving the island or reminding him that he is not Sly Stallone in First blood, Rose was always chipping in with a sarcastic but loving response.

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Rose joined Jack right away because he saved her life and was constantly watching her afterward. He also helped Charlie and Hurley at different times and became someone the entire camp seemed to respect. However, even Rose had her limits with the constant drama unfolding across the island and amusingly told Jack that if he said “live together, die alone” again, she would not be happy. Eventually Rose and Bernard parted ways with the group, avoided all the drama, and lived on the beach in peace with Vincent the dog.

8 Juliet: She learned to become someone else in “Others 101”

lost abc juliet

Juliet is first introduced in the first episode of season 3 as a member of the Others, who communicates with an imprisoned Jack. Although she was working with Ben and the Others, there was something charming about her and she finally gained Jack’s trust. She eventually betrays Ben and joins Jack’s group, but she is not immediately welcomed and many of the group members do not trust her.

After showing Sun an ultrasound of her baby and telling the group about an attack by the Others, he begins to gain everyone’s trust and becomes a valued member of the group. Her romances with Jack and later Sawyer become a vital part of the show, but her warm personality and dry humor are what she will be best remembered for. When Sawyer asks how Juliet knows all about hostiles, she replies, “I heard about [it] in Others 101 “.

7 Ben – a villain whose sarcasm peaked in his most vulnerable moments

Ben Linus, who was brought to the island as a child, had a traumatic childhood due to the death of his mother during his birth and his father’s constant hatred of him. This would lead to Ben asking Richard Alpert for help and killing all members of the DHARMA Initiative, including his alcoholic father. Despite his anger and resentment towards the Oceanic survivors, Ben always seemed to be working with one of the main castaways and was constantly on the receiving end of someone’s fist.

Ben’s narcissistic demeanor was authoritarian at times, yet he was constantly teasing in his serious and creepy voice. One of his funniest phrases came at the expense of Richard, who did not age thanks to Jacob and was on the island for hundreds of years. Speaking of birthdays, he gives Richard a creepy look and asks, “You remember those, don’t you Richard?”

6 Miles – the only character who can hear the dead laugh

abc miles lost

Miles first came to the island in season 4, as part of the group working for Charles Widmore. Just as many newcomers were constantly questioned by the Oceanic group or the Others, Miles was no different and had to earn the group’s trust. When Ben turns the wheel and moves the island, Miles is with Sawyer’s group and eventually ends up in the 70s as part of the DHARMA Initiative.

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Miles had the ability to communicate with the dead and it is later revealed that his father is the Dharma scientist from all the initiation videos found in the hatches. Miles had a serious personality, but he always made sarcastic comments, especially with Sawyer and Hurley. When they stagnate in 1978, Hurley decides that he will write The Empire Strikes Back to which Miles wisely comments, “that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.”

5 Jin: His facial reactions and smile made up for the language barrier

lost abc jin kwon

Despite a rocky start on the island, Jin would eventually help build the raft, promising Sun that he would save her and the rest of the group. Jin did not understand English until season 5, so he had a difficult time communicating with anyone in the group other than Sun. However, he started learning English here and there and turned out to be one of the best surviving members of Oceanic.

Jin’s facial expressions and limited English turned out to be one of the funniest parts of the series. Even at the beginning of the show, when Jin wasn’t the most sociable castaway, he had a funny exchange with Hurley when he offered him a sea urchin to eat and even Hurley laughed at it.

4 Frank Lapidus: the caring, cocky and quirky captain

lost abc frank lapidus

Frank’s Hawaiian shirts and wild mullet haircut mixed with his witty comments and enthusiasm for helping survivors made him one of the best characters in Lost. Sawyer even referred to Frank as Jimmy Buffett and as a guy who came off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie, cementing his place as one of the good guys.

When Jack and the Oceanic 6 are on Ajira’s flight trying to get back to the island, Frank ends up as their pilot and asks Jack in a funny way, “We’re not going to Fiji, are we?”

3 Charlie: the overnight father figure turned wise and cracked rock star

lost abc charlie pace

Charlie was a well-known rock star, but it was his battle with drug addiction that he was most associated with. Though he overcomes his addiction, Charlie is tempted to use again when he encounters a drug smuggling plane in the jungle. However, he redeems himself and saves everyone when he sacrifices himself at the end of season 3, warning Desmond that the freighter was not Penny’s ship.

Charlie was also one of the funniest islanders, always teasing Hurley and acting as a father figure to Aaron and an unofficial husband to Claire. He always made sarcastic comments and acted like he knew more about parenting than Claire.

two Hurley: You’re unlucky, buddy.

lost abc hurley hugho reyes

Hurley was the most beloved member of the Oceanic group of survivors, due to his calm and caring personality. Rose even tells him that he is the only person on the island that everyone likes, which was weird because there was always someone doing something wrong. He was also convinced that he was cursed because bad things always happened to him and his family, especially after winning the lottery.

Despite his feelings of being cursed, Hurley kept his adorable personality most of the time and always wanted the group to be happy. He even did his best in the middle of season 1 when he decided to build a golf course for fun, giving the survivors something positive to enjoy. He had constant funny moments during Lost six seasons, but none was more fun than him and Charlie dancing and distracting Jack on the golf course.

1 Sawyer: the boss and the king of nicknames

lost abc james sawyer ford

James “Sawyer” Ford started the series as a headstrong Southerner who cared about no one and would take just about anything to add to his personal stash. As time passed, he began to become a larger part of the group, even assuming the position of unofficial leader when Jack was with the Others.

Regardless of what season it was or who he was with, Sawyer would always make jokes, usually at the expense of whoever he was. Although, the one thing all fans remember about Sawyer was the incredible nicknames he gave to each character he came into contact with. Whether it was a consistent name like Freckles for Kate or a one-time name like Snuffy for Hurley, he rarely called someone by their real name.

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