In My Hero Academia chapter 318, Bakugo demonstrates once again why Deku shouldn’t play the hero alone.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for chapter 318 of My hero academia!

On My hero academia last chapter, Bakugo katsuki just came out of nowhere to save Blanket of a swarm of civilians under the control of the murderous Dictator. This is the first time that Bakugo or any of the other UA students have appeared in My hero academia ever since Deku set out on his solo mission to bring All For One out of hiding.

Ironically, the scene in question reflects the last time Bakugo and Deku spoke, proving that Deku should have heeded Bakugo’s last advice. Near the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, Deku had already been overwhelmed with a feeling of responsibility. As the bearer of One For All, he felt the duty to defeat All For One fell on his shoulders and he strove to do so. But just as All For One took over Shigaraki’s body, Deku froze, giving the villain a chance to attack. Deku most likely would have died if Bakugo had not intercepted the assault, and when Bakugo fell from the sky, in tatters, he was able to utter the words: “Don’t go play hero by yourself.”

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Currently, Deku has already gone out on his own and defeated two assassins, each of whom had been tasked with collecting the young hero so that he could obtain his coveted One For All quirk. And in chapter 318, Deku meets the third and final assassin, Dictator, whose despotic quirk allows him to control others. Although Deku quickly comes up with a plan for when the Dictator forces several civilians to attack, Deku is easily overwhelmed. But at the last moment, Bakugo bursts in out of nowhere and unleashes his AP Shot on the assassin, saving Deku once more.

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Ironically, Deku is trying exactly what Bakugo told him not to do during their last encounter: to be the hero himself. By doing so, Deku is risking his life and playing straight into the hands of All For One as before. This looks bad on its own because it shows that Deku did not heed his friend’s advice even though he undoubtedly would have benefited if he had. But in another ironic twist, Deku’s failure to learn from his mistake is once again forcing Bakugo to save Deku.

This is a lesson that Bakugo has been struggling with himself for most of My hero academia And although Deku is obviously the level-headed of the two, Bakugo learned it first. Until recently, Bakugo had been a lone wolf who despised collaborating with others and actively worked against his teammates, generally resulting in everyone failing. It is not until a seemingly useless class exercise that Bakugo finally discovers the importance of teamwork. The fact that Bakugo is trying to teach Deku this lesson is a testament to their ever-evolving relationship. Originally, Bakugo bullied Deku when he had no powers and then actively tried to break Deku’s determination to become a hero once the latter acquired One For All. Deku’s determination to become a hero despite being born without quirks enraged Bakugo and this fury only grew when UA later accepted Deku as a student. From Bakugo The latest actions are further proof of how much he has grown as a character in My hero academia, where he not only realizes Blanket He may be a great hero, but it actually helps him achieve his dream.

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