Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead just woke up to find some shocking familiar faces and an even more brutal apocalypse in Skybound X # 1.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Rick Grimes 2000”, in Skybound X # 1 by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Rus Wooton and Dave McCaig, out now.

On The Walking Dead # 75, Rick Grimes losing his mind in Alexandria. He was paranoid, angry, and acted with extreme violence against Pete in the safe zone for abusing his wife, Jessie, and their son. That issue ended with Michonne knocking him unconscious so they could calm him down, however that issue had a back-up story in which Rick disappeared right after, being abducted by aliens.

On the subject, Rick woke up, donned a super powerful suit, and returned to Earth to see a full-scale cosmic alien invasion along with the zombie apocalypse. And now, “Rick Grimes 2000” on Skybound X # 1, offers more insight into the sadistic and bloody alternate reality Rick finds himself in.

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Rick finds himself entrenched in an intergalactic war, with aliens invading the planet and their allies turned into super soldiers. Tyreese, Axel and even the governor’s henchman Martinez are all superheroes now in this new apocalypse. However, some colleagues fail with human versions of Glenn losing his heart and Dale decapitated.

It leaves Rick frantic and searching for Carl as he rips through the blood and guts, looking like he’s straight out of the box. Invincible Serie. As he asks to be filled amid the chaos, a lightsaber pierces a zombie’s head to reveal Michonne as a Jedi-type superhero now. She confesses that her alien overlords initiated the spread of the virus, bringing the undead back to life to begin humanity’s downfall.

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With Earth on the brink of collapse, aliens are turning Earth’s best warriors into super soldiers to help them collect water, the ultimate currency in the universe. However, some villains like the Governor side with their alien bosses, choosing not to join the resistance. Rick’s nemesis then makes an appearance here ripping out Michonne’s skull, surprising Rick by revealing that he also has Lori by his side.

While that was the end of the original backup, the story continues here. Rick realizes that it is worse than he thought, as some people are not only physical slaves, but also mental ones. He attacks the governor using his retractable arm, grabbing Michonne’s lightsaber and then amputating the villain’s hand. Sadly, Lori’s arm turns into a cannon similar to DC’s Cyborg, and she pulls it close to Rick’s head, begging him to either line up with them or face the consequences.

This short ends with Rick crying when he sees once again that people will do anything in fear of survival. Lori is committing herself, although this could be due in large part to the aliens’ modifications or the Governor’s conditioning. And with Carl and so many others missing, this strange and violent world is more dangerous, horrifying, and emotionally traumatizing than the world of the zombie outbreak. To make matters worse, Rick doesn’t know who he can trust or even who might reappear in his life. While he always wanted Lori to come back after the governor killed her, this unforgiving new world where his loved ones can betray him in the blink of an eye is not what he had in mind.

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