In Avengers # 46, Winter Guard faces off against She-Hulk, and an Iron Man villain outshines the Hulkbuster suit from Avengers: Age of Ultron to stop her.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers # 46, by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel and Cory Petit of VC, now on sale.

In 2015 Avengers: Age of UltronThe Marvel Cinematic Universe delivered a confrontation that fans had long expected to see unfold on the big screen: Hulk versus Iron Man, in his signature Hulkbuster suit. The Hulkbuster was straight out of the comics, a massive Iron Man armor designed to take on Bruce Banner’s alter ego. In the film, Tony Stark unleashed the Hulkbuster next to a cage designed by Stark and Banner intended to contain the Hulk. Once the containment unit failed, Iron Man engaged the Hulk in a devastating fight. Although the Armored Avenger was finally able to subdue the Hulk, his fight swept through an entire city block.

Now in Avengers # 46, Marvel Introduces A New Version Of The Hulkbuster Suit, One That Belongs To Iron Man Villain Crimson Dynamo, And Is Much More Efficient Than The One Stark Wore In Ultron age.

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In the previous Avengers In the story, “Enter the Phoenix”, various heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe clashed in battle as part of a contest to become the new host of the Phoenix Force. During this contest of champions, Namor and She-Hulk fought in Moscow. But although neither Namor nor Jennifer Walters eventually became the Phoenix, the consequences of this battle come in Avengers. After the fight, Russia’s resident superhero team, the Winter Guard, infiltrates Avengers Mountain with the sole purpose of stopping She-Hulk for his crimes against his country.

Once the Russian superheroes arrive on Avengers Mountain, they waste no time: they jump into action, each with their respective tasks. For this mission, the armored Crimson Dynamo wears his own massive version of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor. He is the first to face She-Hulk, and tests his armor against her. But while She-Hulk awaits a fight, she is shocked to find that this Hulkbuster armor is not meant to fight but to contain her.

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As soon as Jennifer puts her hands on the Crimson Dynamo Hulkbuster, the armor grabs her and doesn’t let go. The suit’s gauntlets transform into traps that grab onto She-Hulk’s fingers, before the armor completely separates from the Crimson Dynamo to form a Hulk-sized prison around She-Hulk. Once the suit is firmly formed around it, it is then destroyed, a package delivered to the other heroes of the Winter Guard who take the mission from there. Finally, She-Hulk breaks the Hulkbuster suit, but it’s too late, it has served its purpose. Once she’s free, the other Russian heroes unleash their weapons on She-Hulk, subjecting her to delivery back to Russia.

Crimson Dynamo’s Hulkbuster is eventually destroyed, but it does its job much better than the suit worn by Tony Stark in Ultron age. While using the Hulkbuster, Iron Man was unable to prevent the destruction of the city around him. As for the Crimson Dynamo, he completely subverted the expectation of a fight by building armor that morphed into a containment unit that sent the Hulk to another destination. If Stark had built similar armor, he probably would have prevented the destruction that followed in Ultron age.

Crimson Dynamo may be a low-level Iron Man villain, but Stark would do well to take a few notes.

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