Mass Effect 4 might turn away from Commander Shepard as its protagonist, but can the game succeed where Andromeda arguably failed in this regard?

Commander Shepard was the star of the Massive effect series for all three games in the original trilogy, possibly explaining in part why many gamers of Mass Effect: Andromeda He found it difficult to bond with the game’s new player character, Ryder. Might Mass effect 4 Will it be heading for a similar problem if BioWare plans to change protagonist again?

While some of BioWare’s other RPGs tend to introduce new protagonists between each main title, such as the era of the dragon franchise Massive effect series followed Shepard’s story from ME1 to ME3. Although players were given the option to alter their character before the start of each new game, changing different facets of their abilities and appearances, the core of Shepard’s character remained the same and possibly developed further as he progressed. the Serie.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda it took the franchise away from Shepard and the events of the Reaper war, instead moving to a new location and following a new cast. The game was greeted with a relatively divided reception among fans, many of whom were critical of AndromedaThe unpolished features and the lack of ties to the original trilogy. Some players also found it difficult to properly invest in Ryder and his relationships, and Mass effect 4 could face a similar hurdle if BioWare chooses to continue AndromedaSteps of.

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Could Shepard be the protagonist of Mass Effect 4?

Could Mass Effect 4 be successful without Shepard?

Little is known about Mass effect 4 Currently, at least in regards to the specific game and the narrative, since the only news related to the game has come in the form of a preview of the 2020 Game Awards. It is supposed, however, that it will pick up the story of the trilogy. original, as suggested by the appearance of Liara T’soni and what appears to be a piece of Commander Shepard’s N7 armor within the trailer.

Given the Mass effect 3 ended with the conclusion of the Reaper invasion, regardless of the final players selected, it is likely that ME4 will feature a new main antagonist and a cast of mostly new characters. This is especially likely if the game is set much later after the events of ME3as some species within the franchise have a much shorter lifespan than others. Due to this uncertainty, it is unknown at the moment if Commander Shepard will return as the protagonist of the series or if the fate of the galaxy will be left in the hands of an entirely new player character.

While many have expressed interest in seeing the Commander return, including Shepard’s voice actress Jennifer Hale, others have claimed that Mass effect 4 he would be better able to fend for himself if he didn’t depend on Shepard’s popularity. Yes ME4 aims to start a new story within the universe of Massive effect, arguably a better idea to start a new protagonist’s journey and allow them to develop like Shepard did through multiple games. However, it remains to be seen if the game manages to attract enough fan interest without relying on Shepard’s legacy.

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