Solstice of Heroes has returned to Destiny 2, and the event brings with it a new upgradeable armor set along with other perks.

Eva Levante is back in the Tower to announce the return of Destiny 2Solstice of heroes. During the event, players return to the European Ariel Zone (EAZ) and, like last year, will defeat as many bosses as possible before searching for hidden treasures. With a few minor tweaks to simplify the activity, all players can participate and win new loot.

Destiny 2 has brought back the Solstice of Heroes and the activity that goes with it at the EAZ. The event is free for all players and will run from July 6 to August 3. All participating Guardians will receive a new upgradeable armor set and a new Legendary Shotgun.

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Players logging in Destiny 2 You can visit the now decorated Tower to see Eva and join the Solstice of Heroes. An introductory quest provides Guardians with a set of new gear that they will work on updating as the event unfolds. Each team has a different set of objectives that must be completed before upgrading to their final form. In addition to armor, players will also receive a new Legendary Shotgun: Compass Rose.

EAZ activity throws three Guardians into the EAZ, where they will face off against a random enemy faction. With five minutes left on the clock, players are responsible for eliminating mini-bosses that appear in random locations throughout the map. Mini-bosses will spawn two at a time, rewarding teams that split and win. Alongside these enemies, occasionally taken prismatic enemies will appear and can also be defeated for additional rewards. After the five minutes, a full-size boss will appear and must be eliminated by the Guardians before entering the final phase of the EAZ.

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Once the boss is defeated, players receive an amount of caches equal to the mini-bosses and Prismatic Taken that they defeated before toppling the boss. Like the mini-bosses, the caches will appear in random locations. Fortunately, icons that reveal cache positions have been added since last year to help players locate their rewards. In addition to this update, the map is now dotted with bright blue dots that propel Guardians through the air, making traversing the intricate area much more manageable.

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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes EAZ

Each day the EAZ will highlight a different subclass or item. Players using a matching subclass or defeating enemies with weapons of the same element will generate Elemental Orbs. When enough of these orbs are collected, Guardians will receive a powerful buff, allowing mini-bosses to be eliminated much faster. Also, for those trying to upgrade their new event armor, many of the challenges revolve around collecting these orbs.

Fortunately, as the Guardians begin working to obtain new equipment for Armor Synthesis, updates will be available through Eva to make the whole process go faster. Players will be able to increase the rate at which they progress in their new armor, as well as tilt the odds in their favor by opening the event’s Solstice reward pack. There is also an exotic ghost and a new emblem that players can earn if they work a bit. These rewards can be earned, but there are a variety of additional gifts available for silver (real money) in the Eververse store, including a Solstice Armor Ornament that glows based on the player’s equipped subclass.

The return of the Solstice of Heroes will provide Destiny 2 Players with plenty to do as they finish the Fallen-focused Season of the Splicer. There’s new gear to grab, and while it will take a bit of work to turn it into its final form, it’s a welcome and fun distraction until Season 15 drops along with the long-awaited crossover play.

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