Despite the split, Kanye is helping Kim with her rebrand from KKW. The two of you may no longer be romantically involved, but you still agree on business.

From spouses to business partners, Kanye and Kim from keeping up with the Kardashians seems to be in professional terms above all else. The two have been collaborating on Kim’s rebranding within her KKW Beauty company that is happening at the end of this month. The site will be closed and it will look very different when you return.

After nearly seven years of marriage, the keeping up with the Kardashians Star filed for divorce in February of this year. Although this came as a shock to most, they both seem to adapt quite well to change. The musician is already rumored to be dating model Irina Shayk, while Kim spends time with family and works on his rebrand. Even with divorce, it is clear that there is not too much bad blood.

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Page six reports that many speculated that Kim would remove the “W” from “KKW” now that she and West are separated. Sources close to Kim say that is not the case, as Kim has yet to remove “West” from his name. This same source confirmed that West has really helped Kim with things like packaging and brand identity. Recently acquired by Coty, Kim still has creative control of the company and remains the face, while Coty is in charge of managing the business.

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On Tuesday, Kim confirmed that the site will be closed on August 1 at midnight “,so we can come back to you under a whole new brand with new formulas that are more modern, innovative and packaged with a new elevated and sustainable look.”The rebrand seems to have little to do with dropping the ‘West’ on KKW and more to do with bringing a fresh new look to the brand.

Kim and Kanye have a long way to go before they are considered friends. If there are two things the Kardashians are good at, one is co-parenting and the other is business. keeping up with the Kardashians fans will have to wait to see what the new rebranding brings in addition to removing the “W”.

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