Unlike the Distinguished Competition, Marvel Comics isn’t exactly known to its cronies following the infamous death of Captain America’s sidekick Bucky Barnes during WWII, though he was eventually brought back as the brainwashed assassin known as the Soldier. of Winter decades later to further highlight the dangers. of adolescent heroism.

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Despite Bucky’s warning, there have been some heroes who have brought in young partners to work alongside them over the years, and while these cronies had a lot of potential, they managed to waste it themselves or disappear into the background due to the writers. or stories, which we will take a closer look at today.

10 Toro was a forgotten invader until he returned as an inhuman

Thomas Raymond was another of Marvel’s first teammates to work alongside the original Human Torch as the fiery Bull, who fought alongside Cap and Bucky Barnes as members of the Invaders during WWII.

Toro eventually retired after a few more appearances after his wartime service and returned briefly as an adult before he was killed in action. Toro was eventually brought back to life and re-explored during the Inhumanity event that altered the origins of his powerful abilities, only for him to vanish again.

9 Jackdaw was Captain Britain’s frequently ill-fated elven sidekick.

Captain Britain was one of the main heroes in the Marvel lineup in the UK before branching out into the mainstream and finding new alliances in mutant teams like Excalibur, although he originally had a short-lived unfortunate sidekick named Jackdaw. Hailing from the Otherworld, Jackdaw was a powerful elf with magical and psionic abilities that allowed him to teleport across dimensions.

While this made him a very useful ally to Captain Britain, he died shortly after they began working together. The wizard Merlyn was able to bring Jackdraw back to life and even outfitted him in his own superhero costume. However, he was killed again during a battle with The Fury, and Merlyn was unable to bring him back a second time.

8 Jubilee never took Wolverine’s teachings as Kitty Pryde

Wolverine has taken some young mutant heroes under his wing over the years, including the young Kitty Pryde who excelled under his teachings as a samurai warrior to advance her own career as the eventual leader of the X-Men. Jubilee appeared in the 90s and found herself in a similar role, but never immersed herself in Wolverine’s lessons as Pryde.

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Jubilee bounced around some mutant teams and her powers were altered first by the annihilation of Scarlet Witch and then by a vampire bite before becoming a mother. As she continues to explore her new Krakoan life as a member of Excalibur, Jubilee may have reached whole new levels of wonder.

7 The rise of Jack Flag and Free Spirit was ended by Hydra Supreme

Free Spirit and Jack Flag jump into action

Captain America worked with some cronies after he was thawed from ice in the modern era and began working with the Avengers, including his most famous and successful Sam Wilson / The Falcon, who once succeeded Steve Rogers as Captain America. The shadow of cronies like Bucky Barnes and The Falcon put pressure on newcomers like Jack Harrison and Cathy Webster.

They gained separately upgraded abilities and became Jack Flag and Free Spirit before meeting while working with Captain America. Jack Flag spent time with the Guardians of the Galaxy and seemed poised for a bigger future, though he was assassinated by the evil Steve Rogers / Hydra Supreme, leading to Free Spirit’s retirement.

6 The teenage abomination became a weapon after working with Iron Man

Teen abomination and superior Iron Man

When Jamie Carlson was just a baby, he was exposed to gamma radiation that resulted in his transformation from a teenager into an Abomination-like monster when he became angry, resulting in the appropriate codename for Adolescent Abomination.

While he may not have officially attained the title of companion, he briefly worked alongside the inverted Superior Iron Man, who hoped to use Teen Abomination’s abilities to his own advantage. While the character seemed to be developed for something bigger, he has been used as a throwaway monster that others continue to experiment with.

5 Jack Monroe was manipulated for years until he became a scourge

Bucky Barnes wasn’t the only “Bucky” in the Marvel Universe, as the government tried to create a new fighting duo in the 1950s. However, they used an unstable super soldier serum that enhanced Jack Monroe to become the new one. Bucky, though it also caused mental instabilities and led to him being frozen by the government for years.

Monroe was eventually healed and was able to find a new life as Nomad and formed a flexible partnership with the real Captain America. Unfortunately, Monroe was manipulated into becoming the Scourge of the Underworld before he was finally killed by the original Bucky-turned-Winter Soldier and framed for a destructive attack on Philadelphia.

4 The new hawk faded into the background after he left alone

While the character has found new popularity thanks to his appearance in The Falcon and the Winter SoldierJoaquin Torres hasn’t had much of an impact on comics since he first debuted as the new Falcon during Sam Wilson’s time as Captain America.

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After his DNA was genetically mixed with Falcon’s Redwing to create a new avian form, he donned a costume and briefly worked with Captain America. Then he joined the Champions during Secret empire and it started to fade into the background, especially when Sam Wilson’s new teammate Patriot joined the team as well.

3 Alpha was Spider-Man’s powerful companion for about two seconds

Marvel Alpha Spider-Man

Peter Parker discovered a powerful source of energy that he called Parker Particles that ended up transforming young high school student Andy Maguire and giving him incredible powers, much like the accident that first transformed Parker into Spider-Man. The Parker particles gave Maguire a powerful energy field that was connected to the fundamental forces of the universe.

He became Alpha and began training as Spider-Man’s partner, though his inexperience and recklessness soon proved to be a danger and Spider-Man removed his powers. Alpha was reconfigured by Superior Spider-Man and promised to become the protector of Philadelphia, but has failed to reach the potential of his power.

two Blindspot made a power deal that threatened New York City

Samuel Chang as Daredevil Blindspot's sidekick

While Matt Murdock’s best friend Foggy Nelson is often considered his sidekick, Daredevil once took on a royal associate named Samuel Chung, who had designed an invisibility suit that used to become the disguised vigilante known as Blindspot who it protected Chinatown like Daredevil did Hell’s. Kitchen.

Daredevil began training Blindspot, although the young hero was seriously injured in the battle, prompting him to make a deal with the mystical Beast for more power that almost threatened New York City. Blindspot was built well and had potential future with a secret organization, but it almost completely disappeared after Daredevil was injured and temporarily retired.

1 Rick Jones worked with some heroes but suffered a lot

Rick Jones Immortal Abomination Hulk

While Bucky Barnes may be one of Marvel’s best-known sidekicks, the most prolific sidekick is undoubtedly Rick Jones, who was accidentally responsible for Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk that created a lasting friendship between the two. Jones and the Teen Brigade also helped form the Avengers for the first time, and briefly worked with Captain America.

Rick Jones also shared existence with Mar-Vell and her son Genis-Vell to become Captain Marvel, and even gained his own gamma abilities as A-Bomb. However, Jones was eventually killed by Hydra Supreme and then returned as a new monstrous abomination, which seemed like a disservice to Marvel’s best partner who had the most to offer.

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