With the MCU covering such a long period of time, it only makes sense for students to become teachers as they enter the new class of students. Many of the established characters in the MCU didn’t start out as heroes (or villains), and many came from somewhat humble beginnings before becoming someone their mentor would be proud of.

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It is important to pay tribute to those who came before and instilled their wisdom and knowledge in those who followed. With so many characters becoming mentors of their own, it won’t be long before they outdo themselves, setting the stage for the next generation to tackle the next universal threat the MCU may throw at them.

10 Kate Bishop will eventually surpass Hawkeye

While this story has yet to be told, fans can expect to be introduced to Kate Bishop before the end of 2021 at the next Hawkeye Serie. Much of the series is expected to follow Barton and Bishop as they train together and race around trying to defeat the show’s villain (rumored to be Ivan Banionis).

Clint has been trying to retire for years, but it makes sense that he wants to groom his replacement before retiring. Kate Bishop is a great archer in the comics, and after a few sessions with the MCU’s Hawkeye, she’s sure to become a leading asset for the next wave of Avengers.

9 Ivan Vanko surpassed his father, Anton

Tony and Howard meet at Camp Lehigh in 1970

After Anton Vanko was deported, courtesy of Howard Stark, he fathered a son named Ivan. Anton’s health deteriorated over time, so Ivan took care of his father while learning about his past and his technological brilliance.

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Anton was never able to use his collaborative arc reactor design prior to his passing. However, Ivan took the blueprints and made a rudimentary suit with arc reactor technology to get revenge on the Stark family.

8 Thor surpassed his father, Odin

Thor is banished

For hundreds of years, Thor looked up to his father and wanted nothing more than to be such a great king and lead the Asgardian army in glorious battles. While Thor was proud and immature for much of his life, his exile to Midgard helped him become a better person and understand what it really meant to be King.

From then on, Thor no longer desired the throne and did his best to protect the prosperity of the nine kingdoms. Odin was incredibly proud of the man his son had become and was happy to leave the nine kingdoms in his care once he passed Valhalla.

7 Tony Stark surpassed his father, Howard

Tony and Howard meet at Camp Lehigh in 1970

While Tony and Howard had a complicated relationship (to say the least), there was always mutual respect for each other’s underlying love and intellect as father and son.

The technology of Tony’s time allowed him to surpass his father in a multitude of ways, from Iron Man’s armor to synthesizing the element that Howard had left undiscovered with breadcrumbs. Howard loved his son in his own way, but Tony also got over him as a family man after finally settling down with Pepper and being a great father to Morgan.

6 Dr. Strange surpassed the old

Dr. Strange & The Ancient One in their astral forms just prior to their passing.

Dr. Strange is a quick study with whatever he sets his mind to, be it intricate neurosurgery or ancient and powerful mystical arts. Despite being arrogant, difficult, and rude, Strange learns powerful spells and techniques at an exceptional rate.

Before long, he must humbly accept the title of Sorcerer Supreme after the Elder’s unfortunate passing. In just a few short years, Dr. Strange becomes the most powerful magic user on the planet … at least for a time.

5 Loki surpassed his mother, Frigga

loki versus frigga

Despite Loki’s mischievous nature, Frigga loved her adopted son immensely and even shared her magical talents with him in an effort to keep him on a par with his powerful brother and father. Loki showed a gift for magic at a very young age, and has shown his talent over the years in various ways.

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More recently, Loki is shown using telekinesis on a fairly large scale when he prevents a building from crushing him and Sylvie. He also helps Sylvie enchant the beast of the Void known as Alioth even though she had never attempted the enchantment before. This could suggest that Loki is an incredibly powerful wizard, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

4 Sam Wilson finally surpassed Steve Rogers as Captain America

steve rogers sam wilson

While Sam doesn’t have any super soldier serum, and would apparently turn it down if given the chance to take it, his moral compass and concern for others make him a worthy successor to Steve. Sam admired Steve’s ideals and even helped Steve when he was on the run from the authorities.

After the events of Endgame, Steve entrusted Sam with the shield and the title of Captain America. Although it took Sam a while to realize he was worthy, Steve knew the caliber of a man Sam was, so he chose Sam to carry on Cap’s legacy.

3 Spider-Man symbolically surpassed Iron Man

Spider man iron man

Tony Stark essentially found Peter Parker due to some popular YouTube videos, and ever since then Tony has been taking care of Peter and providing him with resources even after Stark’s untimely death. Peter may not be as smart as Tony, but he’s certainly a genius in his own respect.

With Tony (and Cap) now out of the MCU, a new leader is needed, and after the personal growth he experienced during Far from homePeter might as well become that leader. Rhodey is still around, and Ironheart is on his way, but Parker is the one who seems to carry on Stark’s legacy.

two T’Challa surpassed his father, King T’Chaka

T'Chaka sharing a moment with his son T'Chala

The king of Wakanda is usually also the actor Black Panther. However, given King T’Chaka’s old age, T’Challa dutifully replaced his father as the Black Panther while his father remained on the throne of Wakanda.

Before T’Chaka’s unfortunate passing, he tells his son that he is a good man, a better man than him. T’Challa shares another heartfelt conversation with his father on the Ancestral Plane after consuming the Heart Shaped Herb once more. Once again, his father assures him that he has become a good man and is ready for the challenging path ahead, helping inspire T’Challa to regain the throne of Wakandan.

1 Gamora and eventually Nebula morally outdid their father, Thanos

It may have taken Nebula longer, but she and Gamora managed to escape Thanos’ control and were finally able to live a morally upright life. Both Gamora and Nebula spent years committing heinous atrocities in the name of Thanos, but eventually, they broke free from tyranny and took up arms against Thanos when it really mattered.

While Gamora’s main timeline is gone, the 2014 one (unless she’s on TVA) has plenty of opportunities to turn a new page in the Guardians three school. Perhaps Nebula can help her sister become part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which would be similar to what the original Gamora did for Nebula in the main timeline.

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