Damian Wayne’s Robin has killed people before, and he’s shown exactly how he would defeat Superman in a Batman comic.

Batman’s “no kill” rule is famous in DC Comics, but not even his son, Robin (Damian Wayne) can fulfill it, even for Superman. As the son of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, Damian is a fierce warrior whose lethal tendencies often have to be controlled by other members of the Bat-Family. But aside from his fighting skills, the sharpest weapon in Damian’s arsenal is his intellect, which he frequently uses to outsmart even the most powerful of foes. It turns out that Damian has a contingency plan that could take down Superman.

On bat Man # 77, Damian’s Robin took on Gotham Girl, who had been given the same power as Superman (written by Tom King, pencils by Mikel Janin and Tony S. Daniel, inks by Mikel Janin, Tony S. Daniel and Norm Rapmund, colors by Jordie Bellaire and Tomeu Morey and letters by Clayton Cowles). While initially looking overwhelmed, Damian arrived prepared, using a wand to cast a spell that trapped Gotham Girl in chains. Satisfied with his work, he reflected, “I said it before. Super people aren’t that tough” before running off.

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While Damian didn’t directly confront Superman here, he still made an effective plan against Gotham Girl, knowing that one of Superman’s greatest weaknesses is magic. Coupled with the fact that Damian has been trained as an assassin, the ease with which he was able to defeat Gotham Girl points to the idea that he could kill Superman on his own if he felt the need or desire to do so. Even without the direct use of Kryptonite, Damian’s cunning nature could spell trouble for Superman.

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The threat that Damian Wayne’s Robin poses to Superman is twofold. The combination of his brain and his connections would allow him to take Superman by surprise. As a member of the Bat-Family and the son of Batman, Damian has access to all of his father’s technology and weapons. Although Damian did not use Kryptonite to stop Gotham Girl, it is likely that he can still use it, given Batman contingency plans for the Justice League.

While Batman himself wouldn’t go so far as to kill Superman, Damian has proven time and again that the same rules don’t apply to him. While his intelligence allows him to take the lead against his enemies, Damian is not bound by the same commitment to avoid murder at all costs as Bruce Wayne. His relationship with violence is very different from that of his father, as his early life was not marked by a devastating experience of loss. As demonstrated with Gotham Girl, Damian Wayne’s Robin knows how to effectively counteract the weaknesses of his enemies, a line of thought that not even Superman is exempt from.

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