Star Wars it has to do with insanity. After all, it’s a series featuring weird-looking aliens, wizarding swords, and a bunch of physics-defying tech, and that’s part of the allure. Without the madness of Star Wars, there wouldn’t be a fan base devouring the content en masse. Unfortunately, not all of that content is gold.

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Over the years, the Star Wars The comics have offered some of the best and worst stories, not to mention a bunch that are downright weird, even for Star Wars. It’s those wacky and wacky stories that stand out, especially for fans who were left scratching their heads as to how many of them got the green light in the first place.

10 The Ewoks and the Rainbow Bridge

The Ewoks use a magic crystal to create a rainbow bridge in Ewoks # 1

In the wake of Return of the Jedi hitting theaters in the early 1980s, Star Wars Fans were clamoring for more footage to take place in that galaxy far, far away. LucasFilm eventually settled on various spin-offs from the movies to feed a hungry fanbase, which included two animated Saturday morning children’s cartoons titled Droids Y Ewoks.

Ewoks # 1 adapted the animated television show with a story about a magical crystal that created an energy bridge from the power of the sun. Wicket and company use the stone to cross a fiery gorge, where they encounter bipedal talking stones and a huge troll who is terrified of the dark. It is an integral part of a strange series, in general.

9 Jabba on the menu

Jabba the Hutt is almost eaten by a slimy princess in a Star Wars comic

Few Star Wars comic book stories are as strange or useless as Jabba the Hutt: The Hunger of Princess Nampi. The story itself is quite mundane, as Jabba and company are taken hostage by Princess Nampi, a large slug-like creature who wants to access her vast treasures.

She ends up devouring one of Jabba’s henchmen in a strange mating ritual, before setting her sights on the great Hutt, himself. With Jabba on the plate, he plays his ace card: a small vial of xenoboric acid lodged in the skull of the henchman he just swallowed. After activating it, Nampi suffers a horrible death and Jabba goes about his business.

8 Indiana Jones and the Millennium Falcon

Indiana Jones finds the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Tales

Crossover events are nothing new in the comics. Sometimes they lead to some of the best story arcs ever told, while others are downright weird. This particular Star Wars The story falls into the latter category with one of the weirdest fan fiction tales ever made into an officially published comic.

Han and Chewie land on a planet where they are attacked by native humans from an ancient tribe. Han is killed in a flurry of arrows, leaving Chewbacca stranded on the planet. Over a hundred years later, none other than the over-the-top Indiana Jones and his partner Short Round find the crashed Falcon and a skeletal Han inside. Apparently Indy and Short Round were investigating stories of a local sasquatch, who happens to be Chewie.

7 Vader tries to spoil a gun sale

Darth Vader threatens to ruin Leia's credit rating in a Marvel Star Wars comic

The original Marvel comic series that followed in the wake of the Star Wars Movies are hard to classify as anything other than sloppy. Many of the stories got derailed and turned bizarre, including a story in which Darth Vader, Scourge of the Jedi, is sent to throw a wrench at a banking deal.

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It all begins when Princess Leia and her advisor, Viscount Tardi, head to Aargau to obtain a loan for the purchase of new ships to aid the Rebellion. Vader shows up with three obvious-looking assassins and tries to thwart the deal. In the end, both parties get what they secretly want, with Vader threatening Leia not to pursue the matter, lest her credit rating suffer. Oh, the horror.

6 The monster of puberty

A Lahsbee reaches puberty and becomes a monster in Star Wars # 77

This particular Star Wars The tale personifies everything that goes wrong when people ignore her inner monologue and better judgment. Luke and Leia visit a local bar where they hope to learn about a new Imperial superweapon, but it isn’t long before everything goes off the rails. For some strange reason, this bar allows the prepubescent Lahsbee breed to enter, just as they hang off the cliff of early maturity.

Knowing that Lahsbees turn into raging monsters when they hit puberty (which in turn is exacerbated by anger), Leia jumps on stage in skimpy outfit to sing a tune after the original entertainment is canceled. Apparently, no one thought about the ramifications of an exciting spectacle in the mind of a boy who has just reached puberty.

5 Dark empire

Luke Skywalker faces off against a cloned Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: Dark Empire

The premise of the original Dark empire history was an attempt to continue the legacy of the Star Wars franchise as a result of Return of the Jedi. It was the first real stab in a sequel, and would eventually help give rise to the monumental Expanded Universe material (now called Legends) that was largely canonized before Disney bought the franchise.

Dark empire begins a few years after the fall of the Empire and centers on a resurrected Emperor Palpatine who attempts to make Luke Skywalker his apprentice. The evil Sith Lord had been using clones to extend his own lifespan, a very strange plot device that JJ Abrams would steal in bulk for critics. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

4 The wicker Ewok

A wicker Ewok is created to sacrifice the village Ewoks to the Gorax in this Tales From Vader's Castle Star Wars story.

Fans of Christopher Lee’s classic thriller The wicker man were either excited or insulted by this silly story, straight out of Tales from Vader’s Castle # 4. Another Ewok-inspired adventure, this story features the Duloks, a race of aggressive aliens living on Endor who first appeared in the 1980s cartoon series.

The story involves the Ewok Master Makrit betraying his own kind and attempting to trap them inside a gigantic Wicker Ewok, to act as a sacrifice for the terrifying Gorax. Take all the elements of the original Caravan of Courage movie, and animated series, and turns it into a Star Wars Extended horror story of the Universe with a very strange tribute.

3 The emperor’s court

Emperor Palpatine Presides Over Court Trial Accusing Han Solo Of Murder In Star Wars Comic Tale

People of more than a few decades no doubt remember the real hit television phenomenon called The People’s Court, starring the iconic judge Joseph Wapner. Someone decided it would be fun to adapt a Star Wars story using exactly the same model, with Emperor Palpatine presiding over the case. The result was The emperor’s court.

This story begins with Darth Vader forcibly lifting everyone from their seats in a moment of “uprising”, before both sides do. The plaintiff is Greedo’s young son, who accuses Han Solo of murdering his father in cold blood at the Mos Eisley spaceport. He’s just trying to clear his name by referencing George Lucas’s controversial special edition editions, which Palpatine discards. It’s funny, although very strange Star Wars story.

two Star Wars: The Original Screenplay

Luke Skywalker visits a very different Han Solo in Star Wars comic with original Dark Horse script

Intransigent Star Wars Fans know that George Lucas’s treatment of the original story and vision for the franchise was quite different from what it ended up on screen. For years, they scoured the internet looking for little details that might shed some light on what the original script had to offer. Eventually, Dark Horse Comics got the green light to adapt it into a comic book series.

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The original script it’s strange, but for the right reasons. All the familiar bits are there, but the story is told in such a completely different way that readers can’t help but feel disjointed at how different everything is. It’s cool and at the same time one of the strangest. Star Wars comic stories.

1 Jar Jar’s repentant father

George R. Binks hates his son Jar Jar in this Star Wars comic

It’s hard to classify whether this story is just weird or downright disturbing. Perhaps a combination of both. It is a version of the alternate reality of the Binks clan, a family of whalers who are washed ashore on a desert island. Jar Jar’s father, George R. Binks, is ashamed of his son’s ridiculous antics and behavior, pushing him to the limit.

He scolds his son openly, before encouraging him to do something extremely reckless that would lead to his death. When he fails, George becomes so depressed that he shoots himself in the head with a blaster pistol, while fantasizing about another woman. It is definitely the craziest and strangest story of all. Star Wars comic.

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