Along with a video compression settings test, WhatsApp has started testing custom image compression options through its beta program.

WhatsApp has released a new beta feature that allows users to customize the quality of images submitted through the app. WhatsApp has introduced multiple features through its beta program recently, as the application seeks to prevent its audience from migrating to other platforms such as Telegram. For example, the social media platform recently began beta testing messages that expire in chat rooms, a feature comparable to some of Snapchat’s more basic features.

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp has spent most of the year reeling from the fallout of a new privacy update related to information shared with Facebook. As a result, many users abandoned the application, causing WhatsApp to delay the update while it performed damage control. Ultimately, the updated policy was implemented, but with the assurance that users could continue to use the app without agreeing to the new terms, for now.

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According to WABetaInfo, beta update 2.21.146 is testing some options that allow users to send photos through the application with a higher quality than usual. By accessing the “Media upload quality“Section of the”Storage and data”, Beta users can choose one of three image quality options: automatic, better, and data saving. The “car“will make WhatsApp detect the best compression quality for specific images. Although it may not remove compression completely, use the”best”It will allow the application to send an image with the highest quality available. The “data saver“will cause the application to compress each image sent to ensure fast and economical data delivery.

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How it fits with Facebook’s WhatsApp goals

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WhatsApp finally started testing custom compression on videos recently as well. Facebook aims to provide more personalized options for users as the company tries to make WhatsApp ubiquitous on multiple devices and do what it can to remove media compression to improve the user experience between devices. Not only that, but focusing on cross-device compatibility allows WhatsApp users to transfer their accounts and app history to newer devices even more easily.

Currently, this functionality is only available to users in the WhatsApp beta program, which is complete. Hopefully, over the next several weeks and months, the video and photo quality features will be implemented with more clarity on how well they remove compression from uploaded media. The solutions needed to send uncompressed media through WhatsApp, such as sending media as a ZIP file through an external application, have always been less than ideal. So this is likely to be a welcome change from WhatsApp users.

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