The 90-day fiancé franchise is supposed to focus on love stories. However, that hasn’t stopped the franchise’s “villains” from emerging over the years.

Once upon a time, the 90 day fiancé The franchise was known for featuring international couples obtaining the K-1 fiancé visa to marry, but the franchise is now also known for featuring a number of memorable “villains.” For example, the franchise mega-villain Big Ed Brown became a viral meme seemingly overnight after debuting in the franchise. While many fan-favorite couples are still praised for their authentic romances, other members of the cast stand out as villains in the franchise.

During his early years, 90 day fiancé has been known to feature genuine and authentic couples. However, as the show gained popularity, more couples have focused on fueling potentially artificial dramas to gain a following and attention. Now, many stars aim to build their careers on their fleeting TLC fame. In many cases, they exhibited bad behavior and ultimately failed. Even though some of the misbehaving stars get attention, many are universally criticized by enraged fans who don’t want to see the cast members acting and being rude. Discover the best options for villains throughout the franchise.

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Big ed brown

90 day big ed promised

Big Ed Brown is known for becoming a villain in the franchise after appearing in 90 day fiancé: before 90 days. Filipino single mother Rose Vega’s ex-boyfriend was criticized by viewers when he was rude to his partner. Big Ed memorably insulted Rose’s breath and body hair, as well as her impoverished living situation. Things turned bad once again when the older American went after another younger partner in 90 days: the single life. Big Ed went to give her a rejected kiss with Liz who did not have her consent. They also ended up having a leaked phone call between them, which revealed the verbally abusive way in which he apparently spoke to her. Viewers have since called for Big Ed to be banned from the franchise, but TLC hasn’t addressed these scandals.

Leida Margaretha

leida 90 day fiancé trimmed

Leida Margaretha is considered the last ninety Fiancé of the day villain for many viewers. The season 6 cast member burst onto the scene when he joined his partner Eric Rosenbrook in the U.S. Leida confronted Eric’s teenage daughter and made the controversial decision to kick the girl out of her home and get a restraining order against you. Leida is also known for her compulsive lies, prompting viewers to question everything she has said about her life in Indonesia, including her alleged wealth and occupation. Meanwhile, Eric and Leida have also made headlines for entanglements with law enforcement. Overall, Leida is an infamous villain despite surprisingly staying with Eric over the years.

Colt and Debbie Johnson

Colt and Debbie Johnson are a famous mother and son duo who first appeared on 90 day fiancé season 6 when Colt married Brazilian bombshell Larissa Lima. Debbie, as well as Colt’s extended family, memorably disapproved of Larissa, who responded with her fiery personality. Debbie and Colt made many viewers uncomfortable with their strangely close relationship, which interfered with Colt’s romances with first Larissa and then Jess Caroline. Colt was criticized for her behavior, while Debbie was accused of being one of the most authoritarian mothers in the show’s history. Many fans see her as an example of how not to act around in-laws, while Colt is also criticized for his serial cheating.

Lisa hamme

lisa hamme red top 90 Day Fiance CROPPED

Lisa Hamme became an infamous “villain” after her one season appearance on 90 day fiancé: the other way. The older American was at her worst when she joined her younger partner, Usman Umar, in Nigeria. For many viewers, Lisa described one of the worst stereotypes of negative American behavior. Lisa also annoyed viewers by neglecting her hygiene to the point where her toe was later amputated. Lisa established herself as a franchise villain when she directed a racial slur at Usman. Although she has denied ever being kicked out of the franchise, fans were happy when she didn’t appear in subsequent seasons.

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Trish and Mike Youngquist

Trish and Mike Youngquist are the latest mother-son duo to earn the scorn of viewers. During Tell-All season 8, it was revealed that Trish tried to get someone to stop Mike’s wedding to Natalie Mordovtseva. This season, the 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? duo has been accused of gaslighting Natalie. On a recently broadcast Thanksgiving trip, vegetarian Natalie was pushed over the edge with passive-aggressive tactics, like Trish leading her to a butcher shop. The older woman allegedly insulted Natalie as well, but viewers aren’t sure which woman to believe. That said, Mike has refused to side with his wife and instead has controversially sided with his beloved mother. His bad behavior towards Natalie has earned both Mike and Trish villain status.

Geoffrey paschel

Geoffrey Paschel 90 Day Fiancé

Geoffrey Paschel has upset many 90 day fiancé Fans seemingly getting back together with Varya Malina, as the Russian woman shared photos at her home this weekend. Geoffrey is considered dangerous by many fans following the revelation of his disturbing criminal record. The reports include the alleged kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend. While Geoffrey admitted to making arrests related to drug charges, he has also been charged with charges including aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, vandalism and interference with emergency calls. His behavior on TLC left many viewers restless, while he also does not like being with Varya and Mary in a love triangle. Overall, viewers are saddened to see that Varya is still with Geoffrey despite his disturbing behavior.

Angela Deem

Angela Deem Why use a mask in 90 Day Fiance 2?

Angela Deem is one of the greatest villains of 90 day fiancé to star in new seasons and spin-offs. For example, the impetuous meemaw still appears in Happy forever? despite her disturbing behavior towards her younger husband, Michael Ilesanmi. Angela has a history of verbally abusing her husband, as well as lashing out and isolating him. His demeanor has only gotten worse when he started blaming Michael for all of his problems, like his smoking habit for decades. Angela underwent weight loss surgeries without Michael’s approval, but then decided to complain when he did not support her decision. Recently, Angela also alarmed fans by trying to hack her husband’s phone, which is illegal. A lots of 90 day fiancé Viewers are surprised that Angela can still appear on TLC, and have asked the network to remove her from the franchise.

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90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? airs Fridays on Discovery + and Sundays at 8 pm on TLC.

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