Yara recreates the infamous prostitute vs. cook drama with her own mother-in-law Gwen in a new video that shows just how great their relationship is now.

A major source of drama this season in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? It was the big debate about whether Natalie’s mother-in-law called her a “prostitute” or a “cook,” and recently Yara Zaya made a parody video with her own mother-in-law Gwen. Although Yara is sometimes dragged by fans for her haughty behavior on the show, outside of the show, she and Gwen have become fan favorites for their funny videos on social media. Their latest has the duo poking fun at the franchise and one of the biggest controversies this season.

As part of Natalie’s story, she and her husband Mike went to visit their mother Trish for Thanksgiving. During the trip, many accused fans of Mike and Trish enlightening Natalie, and when Natalie claimed they called her a prostitute, there were many onlookers who sided with her. Yet in Louisiana, a different Ukrainian beauty is having a much better time with her mother-in-law. Yara and Gwen disagreed at first, but since their initial introduction they have become quite close, quite the opposite of Natalie and Trish.

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Fans aren’t sure if Trish called Natalie a prostitute or a cook, and while it was a very dramatic moment for Natalie and Mike, Yara found humor in the situation. On Instagram, Yara posted a video with Gwen that was kind of a recreation. “This has been another misunderstanding, did you call me a prostitute or a cook? Yara asks Gwen in the video. “A COO-ker not a HOO-ker ” Gwen emphasizes. But Yara continued to joke, saying “damn, call me a prostitute now “ as Gwen screams “Kitchen kitchen! ” in the background. “I’m cooking food for him and he called me a prostitute. “ Yara concludes.

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Yara’s new video shows just how far she and Gwen have come with their relationship. Initially, Gwen was concerned that Yara was with her son because she wanted to come to America to get a green card. But over time, Gwen began to see that Yara’s love for her son was genuine. After the birth of the couple’s first daughter, Mylah, Gwen has been eager to help, and while Yara feels like she sometimes overdoes it, it is clear that they have developed a strong and respectful relationship.

There has been a lot of drama in this season of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, but it seems that Yara is able to find humor in the franchise. Although Natalie’s mother-in-law may have insultingly called her a prostitute, there is no question that Gwen is calling Yara a cook. Yara and Gwen’s relationship is going very well, and it seems like they can even laugh at the ridiculousness of the franchise at times.

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