Nacho’s fate is at stake heading into Better Call Saul season 6, but the way Werner’s death weighs on Mike suggests they won’t kill him.

The impact of Werner Ziegler’s murder on Mike Ehrmantraut suggests that Nacho Varga will be allowed to live in Better call Saul season 6. Like Better call Saul has progressed, some of the biggest question marks are looming over characters who are not in Breaking bad. While viewers know where people like Mike, Jimmy McGill and Gustavo Fring will end up, if not the exact why and how, the fate of Nacho, Lalo Salamanca and Kim Wheeler in particular is uncertain and, in some cases, cause for concern. .

While much of that has to do with Kim’s future and whatever potentially dire ending awaits her, the same can be said for Nacho. The character is effectively Better call SaulJesse Pinkman’s version at this point: a low-level criminal with a good heart, drawn into schemes and rivalries much bigger than him. At the end of Better call Saul Season 5, Nacho gets caught in the line of fire as tensions rise between Gus and the Salamancas. Ruining the job to kill Lalo leaves him trapped between an Albuquerque rock and a hard Mexican place; Lalo will want to kill him out of revenge, and Gus may want to do so to clear up the loose ends that connect to him.

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If Gus decides to kill Nacho, which, again, feels like an obvious choice for him at the moment, then it would be up to Mike to be the executioner. That is a role that Mike has played in both Better call Saul Y Breaking bad, usually without complaint, but killing Nacho might give him pause. It’s already been shown that he has some degree of concern for him and Gus’s handling of things, especially in regards to Nacho’s father, but his murder of Werner might be what prompts him to refuse. Mike killed Werner on Gus’s orders in Better call Saul season 4, because Lalo was investigating it and there was a risk that Fring would be exposed. Mike, even the consummate professional assassin, got the job done, but he changed something inside of him, as seen in season 5, and that could continue into season 6.

In a particularly revealing Better call Saul In the season 5 scene, Mike pulled down a postcard of the Sydney Opera House from a bar wall, because it reminded him of Werner (whose father was the engineer behind the iconic structure). It was clear that the guilt for killing Werner weighed incredibly on Mike’s shoulders, affecting him in a way that most of his murders before and after did not. That change continued throughout Better call Saul season 5. While it’s debatable for the most part that he was the same one Mike’s viewers have known for a long time, there were times when he confronted Gus or tried to turn things back. Most notably, after learning that Gus had been using Nacho’s father against him, Mike told his boss that “fear [isn’t] a great motivator “ wisdom that Gus repeats later in Breaking bad.

It’s clear that killing Werner has had a real impact on Mike, because he had to kill someone who was largely innocent. Nacho is more involved in the criminal underworld, but he still wouldn’t deserve the grim fate that awaits him. With Mike growing more and more of this point of view and looking to not only protect Nacho, but maybe make amends for what happened with Werner, then convince Gus not to kill him, or find a way to help Nacho escape, he could. be a proper way to cope. things in Better call Saul season 6.

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