The lack of vertical half-walls and ceilings can make building the floor in Fallout 76’s base building frustrating, an issue Fallout 4 didn’t have.

Base construction is an important feature in both Fallout 76 Y Fallout 4, allowing players to create structures from scratch. While there are plenty of customization options for those looking to create unique structures, unfortunately some features only serve as obstacles, most of the time. One of the most annoying problems with Fallout 76construction mechanics was not in Fallout 4, which makes its appearance in the newer game, and the fact that it has yet to be fixed is puzzling.

Since Skyrim‘s Hearth fire DLC, base building has become a common feature of Bethesda RPGs, with some form of accommodation for players in Fallout 4, Fallout 76and ZeniMax Online The Elder Scrolls Online cleave. Fallout 4 took base building further, allowing players to build expansive settlements throughout the game world.

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Fallout 76The version of this feature appears in the form of CAMP, a base building tool that allows players to create custom buildings and workshops. A recent update of Fallout 76 it even went so far as to allow players to build a second CAMP, but despite the game’s emphasis on these elements, a particularly annoying construction issue has yet to be fixed.

Fallout 76 needs new and smaller building elements

Fallout 76's most annoying building issue wasn't in Fallout 4 Half Ceiling Walls

Fallout 76 Foundations do not allow players to build vertical half-roof sections or half-walls, which means that the walls and ceilings of a structure will not line up properly if single or double square tiles are used in place of the standard two-by-two tiles. two. . Many players have requested that half- or even quarter-size walls be implemented, allowing walls and floors to be joined for more detailed customization of structures. Since the floor can already be made in halves and quarters, it is a disadvantage that there are no matching walls or ceilings. The CAMP build feature is already quite complex, so it seems feasible to implement such features. Fallout 4 It also included a few half-wall options to choose from, so these assets could even be imported directly into Fallout 76.

Beyond this, Fallout 76The building system could use various other enhancements to allow for more unique builds. Triangular floors could introduce a lot of versatility when it comes to shaping designs. Altering the way features are put together and allowing for greater precision could also improve the diversity of Fallout 76player bases. The half stairs, as well as the stairs that open to the sides of the buildings instead of the center, are also in high demand by fans. As it is currently, Fallout 76 I could bear to borrow from Fallout 4 building system.

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