This HBO series is packed with iconic and memorable characters and is home to some of the greatest heroes on television. From Jon Snow to Arya Stark, this show has honorable people who are capable of anything from being the Lord Commander to killing the Night King.

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However, while the main characters of game of Thrones they’re making big moves and getting their crowns, there are some supporting players who just don’t get enough credit for being brave, selfless, fearless, and strategic. From Theon’s sacrifice to Meera’s bravery, it’s time to celebrate some of the underrated heroes of the show.

10 Meera Reed

Meera Reed standing with the forest children in the snow.

Meera is probably the most self-sufficient character in the entire series. She is sharp, patient and intelligent, and she also knows how to protect herself and those around her. She literally takes Bran and protects him with her life, and she should also be recognized for being one of the main reasons Bran becomes who he is.

He’s also killed a White Walker and doesn’t even blink when it’s time to fight or sacrifice himself. Meera is an incredibly honorable and courageous character who is totally underrated.

9 Benjen stark

Benjen standing in the sun

This character has very few appearances, but he always appears exactly where he is needed. Benjen Stark is pretty much the guardian angel of the Stark family and he’s there to save Jon in season 7 just when he needs him most.

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Benjen asks for nothing, but he is a loyal uncle to the Stark children and is always there for them. He is humble, honorable and is a great fighter and savior. Jon Snow owes his life to this hero.

8 Lyanna mormont

Lyanna standing in the hallway, talking and wearing her fur coat.

If there was anyone who was tough as nails and brave to the bone, it’s this girl. She may be small, but she has the heart of a lion and a wit to match. She is honorable, loyal, and courageous, and Lyanna Mormont has great moments throughout the series.

Lyanna is not afraid to speak her mind and make the decisions, but she is also selfless and willing to act. During the Battle of Winterfell, Lyanna bravely and valiantly risks her life to slay the giant wight, and it was a daring death that fans will never forget.

7 Podrick payne

Pod standing in the woods in armor, grinning mockingly

Podrick definitely started out as one of the most fearful and hesitant characters, but he ends up finding his groove and is willing to do anything to help those to whom he is loyal. Podrick treats Brienne like gold, and even learns to fight alongside her.

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Pod is to be credited with saving Tyrion’s life during the Battle of Blackwater, and he’s also a great friend and confidant. Podrick has a heart of gold and is as loyal as it comes.

6 Ghost

Jon Snow and Ghost on the wall, Jon leaning over and smiling at him

All fans of this show can hardly get enough of Ghost, but frankly, his heroic actions often go unnoticed. There is really no human or animal who is as loyal as Ghost to Jon Snow and the rest of the Stark family.

He fought tirelessly and was brave in taking on any threat. Beyond that, he always knew when there was danger and warned Jon Snow just in time. He should be credited with saving Sam Tarly twice. Ghost was a true asset and a true hero.

5 Yara greyjoy

Yara on the boat, wearing her armor.

This character is one of the strongest and smartest of all. Furthermore, she is even underrated in her own family. She stands up and is willing to fight, even when no one else will. Of course, his physical strength is matched by his wits.

Yara did not endorse Euron and instead took the ships from the Iron Islands and offered them to Daenerys. She had the honor and had the right plans. And despite a bit of bad luck, this brave and lovable character did quite well.

4 Jorah mormont

Daenerys and Jorah in Dragon Stone, Jorah kissing her hands

Jorah definitely had some rough times throughout the series, and her loyalty was definitely in the air from the beginning. However, this character literally dedicated the rest of his life to regaining Daenerys’ trust and making himself worthy after betraying her.

He pushed himself to the limit and returned to his queen, where he sacrificed himself for her. He was quite a powerful fighter and had more devotion than almost anyone on the show. He was Daenerys’ personal hero.

3 Beric Dondarrion

Beric beyond the wall, with his flaming sword

This totally cool and spunky character could be the star of his own show, and every fan would certainly see him. He is the leader of the Brotherhood without banners and is always willing to step forward and risk his life.

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He protects the people around him and has also returned from the dead. A lot of. Beric deserves a lot of credit for being tough and strong and also saving so many people while willing to risk it all.

two Missandei

Missandei in armor in Dragon Stone, outside

Missandei may not have been a fighter or a leader, but she deserves a lot of credit for keeping the Mother of Dragons down to earth and making sure she sees everything from every angle. Missandei’s loyalty is truly admirable.

He dedicated his life to helping Daenerys rule the Seven Kingdoms, but he also wanted her to do so with kindness and patience. He had a big heart and wanted freedom and happiness for everyone. Daenerys wouldn’t have gotten as far as she did without Missandei by her side.

1 Theon Greyjoy

Theon in armor, standing in the snow in season 8

There are not many characters that can compete with the horrors and tragedies that Theon has endured. He definitely had a rude awakening and learned that loyalty, loyalty, and selflessness were important.

He went from being selfish and cowardly to being honorable and brave. He was willing to sacrifice himself after everything he had overcome, and Theon’s unfortunate disappearance was a perfect character ending for him to redeem himself and become a hero.

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