Here’s who made the mysterious Orthogonal Diagonalizer in Godzilla Singular Point season 1, what it is, and how it ends up saving the planet.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Godzilla Singular Point season 1, which is now streaming on Netflix.

On Godzilla singular point, it has been revealed that a catastrophe is going to occur that will destroy the Earth. This catastrophe is why the Shiva Consortium exists, fueled by the research of Professor Ashihara, a genius who worked on the anime’s mysterious Red Dust, as well as the theory that other dimensions were bleeding to death on this Earth.

It is also why kaiju come with this dust and how the peculiar Archetype cube can exist, as it lives and breathes in more than one dimension. All this study of space and time allowed Ashihara to create a unique weapon known as the orthogonal Diagonzer. Let’s analyze what it is.

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In the first season of Godzilla singular point, BB and other Shiva agents are unable to uncover the secret of the Diagonzer, which is effectively an hourglass-like bomb. It is similar to the Oxygen Destroyer that originated in the first Godzilla movie, slaying the title monster, which Ashihara conceived decades ago. The problem is that Ashihara disappeared without perfecting it. But he left clues indicating that a special code is needed to reveal his true power.

This makes sense since it was made from the theoretical data and the physics of the Red Powder. Sadly, Ashihara was unable to uncover the truth behind all the dust states. He actually understood two of these states, while the Archetype was 13, but everything in between was still a total mystery. Even after building a super dimensional computer, Ashihara could only predict that a disaster was coming and When, but could not obtain the information necessary to perfect the bomb to stop it.

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To solve the mystery, Mei and BB hope they can dive into the singular point that envelops Ashihara’s computer in a Shiva lair in India. They are not sure if it was sucked into the rift, but they believe the code and its secrets to unlock the bomb’s full potential lie within the portal. This prompts Mei to send her AI, Pelops II, inside, hoping that she can pull out the final pieces of the puzzle. This is all essential because Shiva cannot use the knockoff bombs that BB made to complete the mission.

godzilla singular point salunga

Although his team reverse engineered what Ashihara left behind, their copycat bombs were only able to turn the Red Powder into red shards, rendering it temporarily inert. When used in the Salunga kaiju, for example, despite being impaled, the beast lives. Ergo, these copy bombs can’t be used to kill the catastrophe, and they realize it’s Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo.

Fortunately, Pelops obtains the data and sends it to the robot Jet Jaguar who fights Godzilla in Singular pointend of. This allows Jet Jaguar to become Jet Jaguar PP, and this titanic robot then transforms within the new orthogonal Diagonzer, a bomb that properly neutralizes the red dust all over the planet, turning it into blue crystals and blowing up Godzilla. Meanwhile, the audience is wondering if the military can somehow retrieve the code and turn the bombs that BB was working on into the true versions of what Ashihara envisioned to protect the planet, a question that season 2 of the anime will remain. for answer.

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