The comic sequel to Justice League Unlimited proves that Darkseid’s disappearance in the series finale may have made things worse for the DCAU.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Infinity # 1 by JM Dematteis, James Tucker, Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi, and Tom Napolitano, out now.

Darkseid is one of the biggest threats in the DC Universe and the DC Animated Universe was no different. In the original League of Justice animated series, Superman once thought Darkseid was so bad that he even considered killing Anti-life’s lover. If it weren’t for Batman, Superman might have done it. It’s good that I didn’t do it back then according to Justice League Infinity. This comical continuation of the Unlimited justice league The animated series gives a glimpse of a universe without this deadly villain and is somehow even worse.

In JLU’s final episode “Destroyer”, Darkseid demonstrated what a great threat he was by destroying the Legion of Doom and, while commanding the armies of Apokolips, it was almost too much for the full power of the Justice League to wield. The battle came to a surprising conclusion when Lex Luthor offered Darkseid what he wanted most: the anti-life equation. As he took it away from Lex, the two disappeared. Both presumed dead, the threat of Apokalips was over and it seemed like the universe was a better place without him.

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Justice League Infinity The # 1, which takes place shortly after the series ended, shows exactly what happens in a world without Darkseid, and is not as lighthearted as the show’s ending. What starts out as a fun birthday party for Flash turns into a fierce battle when Granny Goodness arrives. Darkseid’s former lieutenant and a horde of Parademons arrive via a Boom Tube and immediately begin attacking the League members present.

Although the target of Grandma’s attack is lost in the League, another unexpected arrival reveals it all. Darkseid’s son, Kalibak Boom Tubes, also enters in his own strength and reveals everything. Without Darkseid, Apokolips is a confused chaos, aimless without its fearsome leader. With the throne of Apokolips empty, a power vacuum has arisen and both Granny and Kalibak are desperate to be the one to fill it. They both have the same plan, something that will ensure that the people will rally behind their government: destroy the Justice League.

Although this desperate bombast is far from Darkseid’s best-organized schemes, the possible consequences of the conflict turn out to be undeniably worse. Mister Miracle explains that if the forces of Granny and Kalibak weren’t fighting the League and fighting each other, the devastation of the resulting conflict would not only lead to their own destruction, but that of the entire planet as well.

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Mister Miracle is able to lead Boom Tube to the troublesome demons of Apokolips before the battle spreads to the world beyond the walls of the League. However, without the Justice League, the combined strength of these two warring factions could have caused untold destruction, just as Mister Miracle predicted. If that had happened, who knows what devastation it would have unleashed on the universe, or if it would have even ended up on a single planet.

Although Darkseid was obviously the biggest threat the League faced, there was an advantage to keeping him close. When he was in charge, the League at least knew what to expect. Throwing a surprise party at the League’s own home is completely out of left field and shows that from now on, DCAU heroes will have to expect the unexpected when it comes to Apokolips.

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