Shannon Beador of The Real Housewives of Orange County claims that Facebook is using her image in diet ads. He filed a claim for damages on his behalf.

Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County claims Facebook is using her image in diet ads. Over the years, the star openly shared her weight loss journey and how she maintained it “fighting the weight. “Beador even founded her Real for Real Cuisine food line through QVC. The housewife confidently endorsed diet as the reason for her weight loss, but she has a real problem with Facebook using her image in diet ads. Read on to learn more about why the star sued Facebook.

Beador revealed a whopping 40 pound weight loss in 2019. RHOC Star shared that she lost a great deal of weight when she broke a rib. At that point, Beador explained that he was unable to exercise but was aware of the type of food he was eating. The star also made sure to share that her diet was not the result of drinking vegetable juice all day. Beador emphasized that if she could lose weight, other people could too. The reality star founded a QVC food line that offers ready-made meals that are delivered to customers.

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TMZ reports that diet pill companies used Beador’s name and image in their Facebook ads without the RHOC star permission. Beador claimed that brands used it to try to convince customers to buy their products. The reality star has been quite open about what she used to lose weight in the past, and none of the Facebook companies are included. The founder of Real for Real Cuisine accused 15 companies of using her name, image and likeness.

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Beador filed a lawsuit against Facebook for damage to his name and reputation. The star included in her lawsuit that the use of her image by companies made it difficult to promote brands in which she was really interested. The Real Housewives of Orange County He explained that he thought it was all a scam. Third-party companies used before and after photos of Beador to promote the diet pills to consumers.

It is not known how much Beador sued them for. The 56-year-old RHOC star did not comment on the lawsuit after TMZ obtained it. Beador’s impressive weight loss is enough to make anyone wonder how exactly he lost those pounds. Fortunately for many who are also on a weight loss journey, Beador shared his secret to clean, healthy eating as the reason for his 40-pound makeover. The Real Housewives of Orange County Star Beador insists that third-party diet pill companies on Facebook had absolutely nothing to do with her weight loss journey.

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