While Nora West-Allen, aka XS, did eventually return to The Flash, her lightning powers have been altered due to Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is why.

WARNING: This article features SPOILERS from The flash season 7, episode 16, titled “POW”

While XS has finally properly returned to The flashCrisis on Infinite Earths has changed Nora West-Allen’s lightning powers. Even though Nora was erased from the timeline in The flash season 5, it was never a permanent goodbye. The XS that “died” in front of Iris West-Allen and Barry Allen would still be born at some point in the future, but with some alterations. Despite the time travel aspect, the entire past, present, and future of the Arrowverse ended up getting redesigned anyway due to Crisis on Infinite Earths. Although XS was not physically present in The flash season 6 at all, Wally West alluded to Nora being alive in the future, only mentioning that she was running.

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After waiting almost two seasons, Jessica Parker Kennedy is back as XS, with The flash season 7, episode 16, “POW” being the biggest so far. “POW” concluded with Nora showing up in person, assuring Barry that everything will be fine. While XS is still sporting the same costume from The flash Season 5, his powers have clearly changed after the crisis. When XS ran into the room, Nora’s body was only generating purple lightning energy. Whenever Nora ran before the crisis, she produced yellow and purple lightning. That was a representation of Nora having inherited the respective lightning colors from Iris and Barry.

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However, due to Crisis on Infinite Earths, The flash He has apparently abandoned that concept to Nora’s powers. While the physiology of the sprinter has been explained to some extent, there are still many things that have not been addressed during The flash to run. The main reason Nora only has purple lightning in this timeline is because of her brother Bart West-Allen, aka Impulse. After Nora reunited with Barry, Bart rushed inside and was spotted with a yellow bolt. Since Bart is destined to be Nora’s younger brother, it is possible that the speedy / metahuman biology works differently after the crisis.

If they were twins, it would be easier for The flash to explain that Nora has Iris’s purple energy while Bart inherited Barry’s yellow ray. Since they were born at different points in the post-crisis timeline, something obviously caused them to only have a lightning color. It can also be related to visual effects reasons, as it would probably be very expensive to have two speedsters that generate two colors, respectively. From a comics perspective, it’s more common for sprinters to have only one color anyway.

Since Bart and Nora will have more prominent roles in The flash 150th episode, you can discuss how this works in your post-crisis future. Either way, it’s still exciting that Nora is alive again since she ended up in The flash Season 5 was incredibly tragic. With only two remaining episodes of The flash Season 7, it will be interesting to see how XS and Impulse help Team Flash stop Godspeed once and for all.

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