An original initial production NES cartridge from the first Legend of Zelda retailed for $ 870,000, making it the best-selling video game today.

An early production sealed copy of the original The legend of Zelda It has been sold for $ 870,000, making it the most expensive game ever sold. This surpasses the previous record set by a stamped copy of Super Mario Bros., which sold for $ 660,000.

This copy of The legend of Zelda it was one of the first copies of the game produced. and previously it was auctioned at a bid of $ 110,000. This variant of the cartridge, produced in late 1987 and called the “NES R” variant, was one of the earliest versions of the game before being replaced by the “Rev-A” variant. It is only outmatched in value by the “NES TM” variant, of which only one sealed TM cartridge is said to exist, but its whereabouts on the market are unknown. This state is what earned him the title of “a true grail between games. “

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July 9 Heritage auctions tweeted that weird The legend of Zelda cartridge sold for $ 870,000. This makes The legend of Zelda Cartridge, the best-selling game to date. This also marks the second time this year that the record for the most expensive game has been broken, with the aforementioned Super Mario Bros. The cartridge was sold in April. The purchaser of this cartridge is currently unknown.

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Despite this astonishing record set, there is still a chance that it will be surpassed by another valuable cartridge for sale, one that is close to the same value as the The legend of Zelda cartridge. That game is a gold NES Nintendo World Championships cartridge, another coveted one “Holy Grail“In-game. Only 26 gold cartridges were said to be produced, and fewer than 20 are said to exist today. The cartridge was listed on eBay for $ 1 million in June, and is still for sale. waiting for a daring owner to buy it.

It is possible that this record could be broken once again this year, with the Nintendo World Championship cartridge or otherwise. Every year, sales records continue to be broken by auction sales. Pokemon cards in particular have risen in value to the point that some stores need to pull them off the shelves to stop resellers. It could be only a matter of time until this new record is surpassed by a truly massive video game sale, possibly topping a million dollars. Whether it’s a limited NES cartridge like the Nintendo World Championship, Super Mario Bros., The legend of Zelda Or else, the day a limited video game sells for $ 1 million will be a day to remember.

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Fountain: Heritage auctions / Twitter

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