Endgame It was incredibly successful at the box office, as well as with the fan base. With so many years, movies, and character arcs leading up to it, fans were delighted at the opportunity to see so many loose ends tied up. However, some MCU fans have pointed out some issues in Endgame.

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Endgame It was certainly an incredible cinematic adventure, but there are some glaring problems that just hide under the rug. While the issues are somewhat relevant (and crucial in some cases) to the credibility of the story, fans simply accept them for what they are in order to enjoy the film as a whole.

10 Captain Marvel conveniently finds Tony and Nebula in the vast expanse of space

Carol finds Tony and Nebula in space

While Captain Marvel has presumably been flying through space for almost three decades, space is huge and even traveling at the speed of light, thirty years would not allow someone to traverse 1% of the cosmos. It could be assumed that the remaining Avengers on Earth would have informed Carol of where Tony and Nebula were.

However, even with an idea of ​​where they might be, there are millions of miles between Earth and Titan. Also, in typical movie style, Carol arrives just in time when her resources are almost exhausted. Although fans don’t complain because she brings Tony home and that’s really all the fans wanted.

9 How is it possible that Scott’s Quantum Realm rig still has a charge?

While many fans have voiced their problems with a rat that can activate the quantum tunnel simply by pressing a few buttons, there is actually a bigger problem. Considering that today’s electronics can’t hold a charge for more than a few days, it’s incredibly hard to believe that a huge piece of machinery will stay on for years.

Not only that, how could it remain operational without maintenance after being stored in a non-climate controlled room for five years? It doesn’t make any logical sense, but most fans were happy to see Scott return, so it’s not a big deal.

8 Fans are supposed to accept Professor Hulk

Whereas the Hulk refused to appear in Infinity war After being mistreated by Thanos, fans were shocked to see such a new version of the character on Endgame. Banner briefly explained the transformation, but fans wanted more.

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It also doesn’t help that the Russo brothers are known for misinterpreting the Hulk and failing to pay tribute to the character. Some fans enjoyed the comic relief of the new Hulk, but many missed what made the Hulk who he was, a desire to smash.

7 How did the Avengers turn the ether (reality stone) into a solid stone?

When Rocket and Thor travel back to 2013 Asgard, Rocket uses a supposedly homemade syringe to extract the ether from Jane Foster. Thor manages to steal Mjolnir from 2013 and even has time to talk heart-to-heart with his mother. Thor and Rocket return to the present and Tony is finally seen assembling his gauntlet with the Borrowed Stones from the past.

However, they never show or indicate how they were able to turn the fluid Aether into the solid Reality Stone, which seems like a very important thing to overlook. Nor do they ever indicate how Steve was able to turn it back into a liquid on his return journey.

6 Writers and directors refuse to agree on how time travel works

Avengers all in time heist

One of the biggest sticking points in this movie is the fact that the writers and directors can’t agree on how time travel works in their own movie. The biggest fight is whether Steve spent his life with Peggy in the main or alternate timeline.

The directors say that due to the rules set forth in the film, Steve lived his life in an alternate timeline. However, the writers think it would be nice if Steve was in the main timeline and have suggested that the old pallbearer during Peggy’s funeral is actually 2023 Cap. Hopefully someday fans will get a legitimate answer one way or another.

5 How does Laura Barton’s phone still work?

Laura Barton Avengers Age of Ultron

After Hulk’s Snap, Hawkeye immediately receives a call from his wife, who had been dusted five years earlier. While it’s a sweet moment and confirmation for fans that the Hulk’s Snap worked, it doesn’t really make any logical sense.

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To make an immediate call, your phone would not only have to be charged and turned on, it would also need service, which would suggest that Clint has been paying for the service all these years. Not only is that completely out of line, but it’s also hard to keep up with the bills when you’re murdering crime bosses all over the world. However, fans don’t really have time to question it as Thanos blows the facility to pieces moments later.

4 How Thanos 2014 arrives has never really been explained

2014 Thanos teleporting from his ship in Endgame

While time travel is a sensitive topic in Endgame, another sticking point is the haphazard way Thanos was able to get to the present with Nebula working the controls at the Avenger’s facility. The Avengers wore special suits and required Pym Particles to travel to and from the past.

The suits could be explained by saying that Thanos’ ship protected him and his crew. Regarding the particles, Thanos is a genius, so it is not unreasonable to assume that he was able to replicate the only remaining charge that Nebula had on her. However, it would have taken some time, and for his entire ship to pass it would have required a large number of Pym particles. None of this is mentioned in the movie, so fans are still wondering.

3 There are many problems in the final battle

Avengers: final battle

The final battle of Endgame spans a very long period of time, so it’s no wonder some things were lost when everything was edited together for the theatrical release. There are several shots of Dr. Strange with the Eye of Agamotto and others where he is not. Ant-Man is seen in two different locations on the battlefield at the same time, although there is a fun fan theory that suggests one of them was Luis.

There are also poor editing moments, like when Peter is riding on Valkyrie’s pegasus (where did he get one?) And his hand just hovers over Valkyrie’s shoulder, just like when Tony and Pepper fight back to back, Pepper doesn’t seem like do it. shoot anything. There are plenty of other minor bugs, but what fans want to know most of all is what the hell is Peter moving on?

two Why did Tony sacrifice himself when there were so many other options?

Tony sacrificing himself for the good of the universe was an incredibly heroic, noble, and stupid move. While his Snap ended the problem immediately, Tony could have easily just used a Stone instead or just fly with them.

The use of a stone may not have killed Tony. In theory, it would only have emitted a sixth of the radiation, presumably allowing its suit to take the brunt of the damage. Had he used the Space Stone to escape or the Time Stone to freeze Thanos and his army, he might still be alive to tell the tale.

1 There are many questions about Steve’s return trip

Captain America Old

Fans see Steve Rogers leave to return and bring back the Infinity Stones (and Mjolnir) and fans see him in the present sitting on a park bench many years older. However, no part of the trip is shown except his dance with Peggy, so naturally fans have a lot of questions about what happened in the past.

How did you get the Stones back their artifacts? How did you react when you met Red Skull? Where did you get the shield you gave Sam? And of course, in what timeline did you live your life with Peggy? Perhaps someday fans will get the answers to these questions and so many others if rumors from a Disney + series about Steve’s journey back in time turn out to be true.

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