10 best Doctor Who episodes for 10 different moods

Doctor who It could be a science fiction series, but its episodes span many genres. The various incarnations of the Doctor and his companions travel the universe, interacting with a wide variety of monsters and aliens and exploring different time periods and planets. The design of the shows gives you the freedom to be whatever you want while remaining true to your core.

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This gives viewers a chance to enjoy their favorite show, even if they are in the mood for a specific genre. There are dark, intense, “behind the couch” episodes, and also fun and light-hearted episodes. There are even episodes that hit the spot for fans craving romance, thrillers, or a tragedy.

10 In The Mood For Romance – “The Girl by the Fireplace”

Sophia Myles and David Tennant in Doctor Who The Girl by the Fireplace

The season 2 episode, “The Girl at the Fireplace,” brings viewers to Doctor Casanova and all the tragic romance that goes with him. The Tenth Doctor, Rose, and Mickey meet on a spaceship, with time windows connecting the ship to pre-revolutionary France; more specifically, windows of time that haunt Madame de Pompadour’s life.

The Doctor finds himself risking everything to save the woman who wishes to see the stars, in love with his courage and compassion.

9 Christmas joy at any time of the year: “A Christmas Carol”

Feeling festive before I climb the tree? “A Christmas Carol” is a beautiful, wonder-filled episode that is an especially healthy Christmas-themed watch.

When the Doctor needs to save Amy and Rory from a plunging space shuttle, the man who controls the clouds refuses to help him. The Doctor’s mission becomes to give hope to the man whose heart is broken and whose memories are bitter, not only to save his friends but also to save lost love.

8 In The Mood For A Thriller – “Heaven Sent”

The season 9 episode “Heaven Sent” is an immersive masterpiece of the time-loop trope. It is impressive, intense and satisfying. Viewers feel fearful, excited, confused, and excited.

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When the Twelfth Doctor finds himself trapped in an isolated castle and haunted by a nightmare, he can do nothing but flee. The Doctor is a survivor, even if it means dying to move on.

7 Wish a little less time travel and a lot more space travel – “Oxygen”

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who Oxygen

The season 10 episode “Oxygen” is a nightmare trapped in space come true. The Doctor, Bill, and Nardole battle zombies, spacesuits, and fight for their next breath.

For viewers who love space movies like Life (2017), Gravity (2013), Y Stowaway (2021), this episode pays tribute to the characters who face an inescapable threat in closed spaces and their battle to hold on to their precious link with life: oxygen.

6 Looking for a tragic tear starter – “Father’s Day”

Doctor Who Rose Father's Day

Rose Tyler’s father died when she was a baby after he was the victim of a hit-and-run. In the season 1 episode “Father’s Day,” Rose asks the Doctor if they can go back in time and watch him for a chance to be by his side in his heartbreaking final moments.

But in an impulse second, Rose saves him. His actions cause a wound in time and unfortunately it is one that endangers everyone’s life.

5 A tense and disturbing psychological vision: “Midnight”

Wide-eyed sky possessed by the midnight entity

Disturbing things can be small: small changes in behavior, small details, small silences. In the case of one of the best episodes of season 4, “Midnight,” it is Sky Silvestry’s piercing blue eyes that are a small but disturbing detail. The true form of the Midnight entity is unknown.

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Repeat first and then speak in sync. Then he steals the voice of his victims. “Midnight” shows how human interactions derived from fear are easily influenced, disoriented and vulnerable.

4 Much wonderful – “The Eleventh Hour”

The eleventh doctor’s first episode, “The Eleventh Hour,” introduces viewers to their new doctor in a magnificently energetic way. It’s a joyous watch after the heavy and emotionally draining specials that marked the final moments of The Tenth Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor eats fish sticks and custard, meets a young adult Amelia Pond, and warms up her new incarnation. It’s a little weird, a little crazy, and a lot more wonderful.

3 In the mood to be scared – “Hide”

The Eleventh Doctor and Alec Palmer in front of a wall of photos

Old mansions, candlelight, and ghost stories. These horror movie tropes are beloved for a reason. In the season 7 episode “Hide”, the Doctor and Clara find themselves in the middle of a ghost hunt.

It’s an episode with a psychic, a psychologist, non-aligned time streams, and a haunting atmosphere. But don’t worry it’s not Doctor who without a touch of sci-fi, and where The Doctor is, aliens are never far behind.

two Craving Quirky & Comedic Company – “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

Donna and the Doctor meet Agatha Christie

“There is a murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie.” For fans of mystery novelist Agatha Christie, the 1920s, and the game Track, this episode is the one to watch when it feels like an offbeat comic mystery. What is so funny? The comic dialogue of the Doctor and Donna.

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What is so unconventional but conventional about Doctor who? The suspect is an alien. The season 4 episode “The Unicorn and the Wasp” revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie.

1 In the mood for a classic – “Genesis of the Daleks”

Sometimes the only Doctor who The episode that will do, is the nostalgia that satiates the Classics. The Classic Who season 12 episode “Genesis of the Daleks” is one of the most memorable of Doctor whohistory of. Featuring The Daleks, Davros, The Doctor, and Sarah Jane Smith, it’s a story many Whovians know well.

The season 21 episode “The Caves of Androzani” is also a much loved Classic Who episode that shows the fifth doctor in his prime. And for viewers who want to go back as far as possible, the first episode of Doctor who the story, “The supernatural child”, is always waiting.

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