10 reasons why you should try to escape Tarkov now

From 2017 Escape from Tarkov It is known as one of the hardest survival games available that takes a lot of time and effort to learn. This leaves many potential new players wondering whether they should buy it now or not.

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However, with the new update released recently, there has been a huge influx of new additions to the game. Based on the current state of the game, as well as the future plans that the developers have announced in this regard, now is considered the best possible time to enter Escape from Tarkov.

10 Everybody starts from scratch

EFT - Playback Launcher

The latest update also brought a complete player cleanup, which means everyone will start from scratch. This makes for a great opportunity for new players to get started, as most players will be under-prepared, making the fight that much more equal and fun.

One of the most difficult aspects of Escape from Tarkov It’s your steep learning curve, and all the starting from the starting point, combined with some of the best early cleaning tips make the curve a little easier.

9 Many new players

EFT - Customs Welcome to Tarkov Truck

Due to the recent elimination, not only will everyone start from scratch, but many new players will also join the game. This creates a more equitable and balanced environment for newer players, as they won’t always have to face off against older players who are much more experienced.

This will lead to more consistent shootouts that last longer, as new players tend to be less accurate in their shots and movements due to lack of experience. This helps create a more suitable learning environment for new players.

8 Unique unconditional experience

EFT - Hydration and energy bottom left

Escape from Tarkov offers an unconditional survival experience like no other. Having to keep track of raid time, food and water, detailed health of each body part, and more, this game tends to surprise new players due to the incredible details it features.

Although all this data may seem confusing at first, the depth the game offers is what makes players want to play even more.

7 In-depth weapon modification

EFT - ADAR Preset

Today, many games offer weapon mod options with different accessories to choose from. However, no game does it better than Escape from Tarkov.

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With what feels like endless accessories and weapons to choose from, the player is free to create any weapon they want, whether it be prioritizing recoil control or aiming speed or even looking cool. In addition to that, there are numerous viewers available, allowing the player to choose the one they prefer.

6 Nvidia Reflex

EFT - Nvidia Reflection

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency Mode is a new feature that Nvidia offers to anyone who owns Nvidia graphics cards for certain games that significantly improves performance and reduces latency.

This setup is a huge game changer and it finally came to Escape from Tarkov with the latest update, making the game much more enjoyable with reduced latency.

5 Perfect for solo players and small groups

Escape from Tarkov game

Escape from Tarkov it has no minimap or any other way to distinguish your teammates from enemies, and the best and only method is communication. This makes the game ideal for both solo players and small groups (up to 3 is the ideal case) as communication is easier.

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With more people in a group, it will be harder to keep track of everyone’s location and easier to end up killing each other. In a game where communication is key, individual players and small groups succeed.

4 New upcoming map Next sweep

Map of the streets of Tarkov in Escape From Tarkov

As announced last month, Escape from Tarkov promises to post its largest and most detailed map to date at the next cleanup. The new map will be called Streets of Tarkov, and as shown in a recent trailer, it includes multiple unique skins that have fans on their toes.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the game at the moment, and starting now will allow the player to become more familiar with the mechanics of the game, before jumping into something as massive as the new map.

3 Great roadmap

EFT: upcoming maps

Battlestate Games has announced many details about the future of Escape from Tarkov that appear to be very promising. There are numerous maps to be added before the game leaves early access, multiple new weapons and mods, and most importantly, many changes to hideouts and missions.

On top of that, the game plans to implement an eraseless system with a slower progression, which resembles some of the best open world games.

two Friendly community

Escape from Tarkov's factions

Despite Escape from TarkovDue to its staunch nature and first-come-first-serve mentality regarding looting sites, the community is one of the friendliest ever.

There are various Discord servers, forums, and other communities where almost everyone is extremely friendly and eager to help new players. Old players realize how difficult this game can be for beginners and often go to great lengths to ease the steep learning curve for new players.

1 Multiple ways to play

Tarkov's current scav boss, Sanitar, found on Shoreline

One of Escape from TarkovThe biggest feature is the option for the player to choose how they want to play. They can fire weapons straight into action game after action game in a game that looks more like a battle royale, or they can take a more careful approach by moving slowly and tactically through locations with solid loot.

They can also set up camp and shoot stealth atop high hills, or even hunt for loot as they try to avoid combat. The point is that there are different approaches to progress in the game, and the player is free to choose the one they prefer.

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