90-day fiancé: Deavan teased heavily edited unrecognizable photo

Deavan Clegg showed another unrecognizable look on Instagram. This time, he has gone overboard with Photoshop and filters on his face.

Deavan Clegg has surprised many 90 day fiancé viewers with their new image heavily Photoshopped. It’s no wonder you like to edit your photos. But it seems that he has been overdoing it with the filters in his latest Instagram post. A few days ago, Deavan posted his unfiltered version on social media, which he did 90 day fiancé Fans believe that she is finally embracing her true beauty. Deavan posted a slow motion video in which he gave the camera a big smile as he flaunted his natural facial features.

Fans were happy to see the mother of two finally smiling after suffering a miscarriage with her boyfriend, Christopher “Topher” Park. She got tons of positive feedback for showing her real face and glowing skin after a long time. She reposted a video on Instagram to threaten ex Teenage mother star Jenelle Evans with a lawsuit. She said that Jenelle had accused her of stealing Xanax, and this type of accusation is completely unacceptable. While threatening Jenelle, Deavan sported a makeup-free look, which surprised many. 90 day fiancé fans.

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TLC star Deavan looked much older than his age, probably due to excess Botox and lip fillers. Some concerned fans said that Deavan is 25 years old, but has started to look like a 40-year-old woman. They blamed cosmetic procedures for Deavan’s old appearance and asked him to stay away from such artificial treatments. It seems that the reality TV star now does not want to show her real and original self on social media to avoid criticism. He recently posted a photo on Instagram, which looks heavily edited. Deavan She wears a short floral dress with an oversized denim jacket.

She has kept her hair open and accessorized the look with a black clutch. But 90 day fiancé The star looks unrecognizable because her face is retouched. Deavan’s nose looks extra thin, his lips appear larger, and his eyes look like little blue stones. A fan reposted his photo on Reddit And wrote, “What is real photoshop h * ll?“Another fan pointed out”His face never matches the rest of his body, haha. Obviously his entire body was photoshopped, but three times his face / hair.“Someone else wrote”Even Edward Scissorhands tattoo is trying to look away from this car accident.

Although Deavan hasn’t been on screen in a while, he still manages to make headlines. He has become one of the most outrageous cast members in the franchise. Previously, her ex-husband Jihoon Lee dragged her for allegedly lying about her miscarriage. He claimed that Deavan had had an abortion and had nothing to say about it. The 25-year-old beauty is judged by the way she raises her daughter and son. He previously posted a photo of his children’s food on Instagram, and many 90 day fiancé fans called him “prison food.“Deavan was criticized for not giving her children a nutritious meal and for not giving them frozen food in the microwave.

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