90 Day Fiancé: Jess Directs Music Video Confirming Husband’s Smoking Status

Jess Caroline’s husband Brian Hanvey has released a new music video that gives fans a definitive answer to why he seems so distracted all the time.

For some time, fans have wondered about Jess Caroline’s husband, Brian Hanvey, and why it seems like a space case sometimes, and the 90 day fiancé The couple’s recent music video confirms that Brian is a total chronicler. Fans of the franchise will no doubt have some criticism for the music video, but it clears up a lot of questions about Brian’s behavior, and especially why he and Jess seem so happy all the time.

Jess Caroline had a difficult time in the franchise, mainly because she dated Colt Johnson. It was a toxic relationship that ended badly, and Colt has confessed that he cheated on Jess while they were dating. But shortly after Jess parted ways with Colt, she met Brian and quickly fell in love. The couple tied the knot after just a few months of dating and now Jess and Brian have discussed moving to Brazil, where Jess is from, in the near future.

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By now, Brian has appeared in various Tell-Alls and spin-offs, but fans have always felt that he seems a bit … strange. They have questioned his behavior and why he seems distracted most of the time. Brian works as a professional musician, and in his recent music video, directed by Jess, he makes it clear that he is also a huge marijuana enthusiast. You’ve seen pipe and joint smoking throughout the video, and the whole song is essentially about staying home and smoking.

With letters like “I quit my job, I stay home … instead of relaxing and blowing my smoke. ” it’s pretty clear that Brian isn’t just an occasional cannabis user, this guy is experienced. Brian has written songs for Jess before, but this new music video is more of a window into who he is. Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, where Brian and Jess live, so smoking marijuana is no big deal. Still, it’s nice to know that there’s a reason Brian’s eyes are glassy and red when he’s on the show.

A lots of 90 day fiancé Fans suspect Brian of getting high on a regular basis, and that explains a lot about his appearance and demeanor. How good the song and music video are is debatable, but it serves as an interesting look at Brian and Jess’s life outside of the show. Brian’s smoking has never been mentioned on the show; However, given that TLC appears to be moving in a more “grown-up” direction, viewers might see Brian puffing on one of the spin-offs soon.

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