Content Warning: This article contains references to the Nazi party, violence, and murder.

Without Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow), the Arrowverse wouldn’t be the same. The show’s Oliver is in many ways different from his more upbeat comic book counterpart, who is often capable of joking even when the situation is tough. Despite the character change, Stephen Amell’s Oliver became very popular with fans, partly also due to the fact that he changed so much during the course of his show.

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However, despite becoming a better person, there were also times when he acted more like the villains and enemies he faced on regular occasions. No matter how many people he helped, the fact that Oliver Queen hasn’t always acted like a hero cannot be erased.

9 Cheating on your partner

Sara oliver kiss

Oliver wasn’t always an epitome of fidelity or even a good boyfriend. Before crashing into Lian Yu, it was seen that he was looking at Sara and Laurel at the same time.

Even though he had a crush on Laurel and they had been in a committed relationship, as soon as things got more serious, Oliver freaked out and cheated on Laurel with his sister. Laurel only found out about this when she found out that Sara was aboard The Queen’s Gambit. Not only was Laurel shocked by the betrayal, Oliver was partially responsible for the brief tension between the two sisters.

8 Be a nazi leader

Oliver and Kara are evil on Earth-X

Even during his darkest moments, Oliver was never quite as bad as his Earth-X counterpart, who was genuinely evil. In this version of Earth, Oliver and Kara got married and worked side by side as leaders of the Nazi party to control their world and kill everyone who opposed them.

He became willing to kill Supergirl in order to transplant his heart into his dying wife. He met his end in the final episode of the crossover, but not before doing a lot of damage to the world as their leader.

7 Hurt your friends

In addition to psychologically hurting his friends and family by lying to them, Oliver also hurts them physically at times. And he did it just to prove a point or to stop them from doing something he didn’t like.

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For example, at one point, he shot Ray Harper on one knee with his arrow. He also shot Barry Allen with arrows during Barry’s training, even though Oliver and Barry were already friends at this point.

6 I was killing people

Oliver Queen Green Arrow kills Damien Darhk

It’s true that Oliver’s decision to kill people on his father’s list in season one was a very efficient way (for Oliver, anyway) of stopping them for good. At the same time, it didn’t make Oliver any different from the people he was fighting. Killing others is against the moral code of most superheroes, but Oliver did not have the same morality.

He only changed his mind after Tommy sacrificed his life and decided to honor his fallen friend by not killing people anymore. However, Oliver did not always keep the rule.

5 Doesn’t help his friends when they need it

In fairness to Oliver, a lot of this has to do with the fact that Arrowverse Is organized. Oliver could easily help solve many of the problems Barry faces, for example, but he would often stay out of them due to personal feelings. He also doesn’t seem to be there for his friends when he needs them most, often putting his own interests ahead of those of others.

4 Oliver doesn’t trust his friends or his team

Arrow Season 7 Heritage Emiko Queen Oliver Queen Green Arrow Rene Ramirez Wild Dog John Diggle Spartan

While this may not seem like a big deal at first, it doesn’t exactly paint Oliver in a positive light. Oliver has serious trust issues, which means he doesn’t even trust the people he works with – his team.

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Even when Oliver is right sometimes, like when he doesn’t trust John’s newfound brother Andy, he could still have voiced his objections in a gentler way. Oliver also did not trust his new team, Rene, Curtis, and Dinah, and went so far as to spy on them without them knowing, so many unnecessary conflicts arose between them as a result.

3 Oliver doesn’t care about collateral damage

Oliver gradually becomes more responsible on the show, but his demeanor still leaves a lot to be desired on more than one occasion. For example, you don’t care about people you accidentally hurt with your actions. When he kills his victims in the first season, he doesn’t care if they have a partner or children.

He stabs the prison guards who oppose him when he tries to find Ricardo Díaz. And he never bothers to check if his murdered friends Shado and Yao Fei have any remaining family members who might be interested in knowing what happened to them.

two Tortured people

Finally, in addition to killing those who stood in his way, Oliver also sometimes decided to torture his enemies. Again, he usually didn’t see another option, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. In Hong Kong, Oliver takes a long time to torture General Shrieve, even when it is obvious that there is no more information the general can give him.

Also at one point he begins to skin one of Konstantin Kovar’s men alive, simply because once again the man is unable to provide Oliver with the information he is looking for. That makes Oliver very different from some of his superhero friends and also makes it doubtful that he deserves to be called a hero in cases like these.

1 Joined the League of Assassins

Arrow Evil Oliver League Assassins

Even though Oliver’s intentions were noble when he joined the League, he still thought it appropriate to join the League, an evil organization designed to kill people (after all, they have it in their name). However, no one knew this originally, which is what drove a wedge between Oliver and his friends once again, especially him and John.

The main reason for this was that Oliver kidnapped Lyla, put her life in danger in this way, and broke John’s trust, which is not something good people do to their friends.

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