Big hero 6 It was a wild step for Disney, one that had fans raving about it for some time. The film featured a cast of wildly colorful characters, strange heroic deeds, and the kind of tragedy that affects all good heroes and villains alike. It was a fun movie with something for everyone.

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Considering that Disney also owns the MCU and the fact Big hero 6 was inspired by a Marvel comic of the same name, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to assume there would be more superhero-inspired movies on the shelves, courtesy of House of Mouse. Superheroes aren’t dead yet, so maybe Disney can still make something of them.

10 Does anyone else want to see a super powerful Miss Piggy?

Superhero Miss Piggy

The Muppets The series has included a number of generic superhero references, but they are overdue for a good new movie in the vein of The Muppet’s treasure island. These amazing puppets already do so many skits that an animated movie centered around a superhero story would be just plain fun.

Plus, anything with a super-powered Miss Piggy is always a trip, so why not parody the MCU on a grand scale with a Muppet superhero movie? It could even help revitalize those areas of the Disney parks.

9 Superhero princesses should be added to the lineup

Disney Rapunzel Kids Hair Brushing

Disney came pretty close to including a superpowered princess in their canon with Rapunzel in Tangled up, who had magical hair for most of the movie, though ultimately lost that power. Elsa from Frozen She is also quite close to her ice magic and actually grew up as royalty, unlike Rapunzel.

Magic is already very common in these universes, so it would not be an exaggeration to have a superhero princess. Imagine a vigilante princess playing the role of a royal gift by day and fighting crime by night. It would also be too many toys with reversible outfits, but maybe they would be cute.

8 Fans want more life stories like The Incredibles

Incredibles 2

The Incredibles It was quite a powerful duology of superhero movies that simultaneously parodied a variety of superhero stories, namely Fantastic four Y The flash. These movies do something that very few superhero stories do: spend a lot of screen time in the lives of their main characters outside of their daring days.

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This type of series could even be a small Disney Channel or Disney + launch to test the waters of a larger-scale production, a simple story that focuses more on the daily lives of its superheroes, using their powers for the things of the day. a day. and turn around for a great climactic fight scene.

7 A super genius in a super world would make a funny lead

Tangled series vary

There is always a character in a superhero movie who is simply an absolute genius, but who doesn’t consider himself a superhero until they make a costume or some other flashy gadget. Big hero 6 I was full of it Iron Man does Tony Stark, and Syndrome in The Incredibles I also had this problem.

It wouldn’t be hard to make a fluffy Disney movie starring a person whose story is all about proving he’s super with his cool mind in a world of flashier abilities. Especially since many things can nullify superpowers in these universes, but they can rarely dull their minds. It could be a fun twist.

6 Just animate more Marvel comics

Spiderman was able to release his own animated film recently that added more layers to his cinematic universe. In fact, it’s quite strange that Disney hasn’t gotten on that train since In the Spider-Verse it was so well received.

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Disney seems to have so much on their shoulder from not having much access to the famous Peter Parker that it really feels like they’ve tried to combat that by now with their own portrayal of a different hero. Disney loves to get involved with the same concepts that have worked well with other companies, so what’s stopping them from making animated MCU movies along the same lines?

5 The public can’t get enough of kids with superpowers saving the world

Jack-Jack Attack Jack-Jack on fire

A good portion of Disney movies are geared toward children and families, so it makes sense that many of their leads are young. On Big Hero 6, the protagonist is Hiro Hamada, a 14-year-old child prodigy, and Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack are all children in The IncrediblesAlthough most of the actual savings go to their parents. Having more instances of superpowered kids in the movies could make for some interesting plots.

4 Get inspired by characters who get less attention

X-Men Polaris Jean gray Cyclops

One thing Disney loves to do is draw loosely on inspirational material. They did it with Frozen Y The Snow Queen, for example. Taking a character from a series with a lot of characters, like X Men, Paired with a handful of background characters not yet in a constant spotlight, it would be a great springboard to start brainstorming for a new story.

A character with power-stealing abilities trying to make his way as a hero with his lazy partner who grew up on the streets and has strange mental powers sounds exactly like something Disney would do. It’s just one step ahead of Zootopia, after all.

3 Renew stories of classical literature

Disney already does this, so it’s not a huge leap to imagine that they will look to classic literature and myths for superhero inspiration. They have the Thor movies and Loki ongoing series, which basically started out the same way. Many classics have heroes capable of amazing feats that can easily be translated into special powers and put into a universe where superheroes are one thing. Think about Frozen but with more people besides Elsa with special powers.

two Let the special snowflakes find other superheroes

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 It almost made Elsa not the only special snowflake, but then he fell short by saying that the people within the Enchanted Forest were borrowing magic from the spirits there.

Why not have a special snowflake of a superpowered character embark on an adventure, where they finally find others like themselves and learn to use their abilities for good? It really would be a good origin story adventure. So if it went well, Disney could make a bunch of questionable sequels until they run that particular series on the ground.

1 When in doubt, the reluctant hero trope never fails

There’s a reason the reluctant hero archetype keeps getting used to it. It’s an easy plot hook and has proven to be for some really likable characters like Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

Even having a rowdy main character who realizes the value of helping the people around him would create some interesting story arcs, if done right. If not, they would at least create some interesting memes. Also, these reluctant heroes will always be someone’s favorite character because they are so easy to relate to.

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